2022 Doyle Brunson Classic – 에볼루션카지노-Day 4

We started the day off with 33 players and the blinds at 8k/16k with a 2k ante. I had 555k in chips which was about average and 14th out of 33. Being healthy, I sort of wanted to wait out the next three players before opening up my play as we’d jump in pay from 41k to 50k. There weren’t a whole lot of hands for me in the beginning. I raised with AJ once and got a walk. I raised again with AJ, got called by the SB, missed on the flop, checked and let him take it on the turn. For the most part the table was playing pretty tight and ABC. At this stage in the tourney, I think most of the riff-raff had been weeded out and I think the money possibilities reduce players’ willingness to splash around. I suppose I could have raised a lot more but I was picking up more than my fair share of rags and I also had the chip leader, Lee 에볼루션카지노, with 1.4 million in chips directly to my left, as well as Haralabos Volgaris with 800k and Cliff Josephy with 800k at the table.
My biggest hand came up right before our table broke. After Josephy folded UTG, I raised to 50k with two jacks. I wasn’t too happy when Markholt studied me over and grabbed some chips. He re-raised to 175k. Everyone else folded. I took my time and studied the situation. Initially, I thought, he knows how tight I’ve been playing so he should have two jacks beat here. But then I analyzed his raise. It was pretty evident that he wanted to end the hand pre-flop. He more than tripled my raise to 175k. From that raise, I could safely eliminate aces and kings. I’ve fallen for the over-raise pre-flop by aces once at Mandalay, but most people with #1 or #2 after seeing a raise would invite action. If you had Lee’s stack and saw my raise to 50k and had aces or kings, wouldn’t you re-raise to 140k or 150k? I was a bit worried about queens or possibly AK, but I was pretty sure that pre-flop, I had the best hand, so I pushed for an additional 220k or so. He reluctantly called with two nines and I was able to double up to just over 800k and our table broke. I thought this hand spoke volumes to the language of poker. Many people have a belief that much of big bet poker is studying intently every little physical move by your opponents and looking for an extra bat of the eyelid or extra heavy breathing, etc., etc. While physical information is definitely a piece of the puzzle, I’ve always felt that most of the information you need comes from your opponents betting. If Markholt was trapping me by over-raising with #1 or 2, I’d applaud his play and ship him my stack. But I was fairly certain by the amount of his raise that I had the best of it and was definitely excited to see his hand and to fade the board.
We redrew and I finally had my opportunity to play with Daniel Negraneau. He started the day off short stacked with about 175k, but he was able to rebuild to about half a million. As stupid as it sounds, I entered the day not wanting him to bust, but rather, wanting to play with him for an extended amount of time. I guess it would sort of be like an avid tennis fan desiring to rally with Roger Federer for as long as possible. Negraneau was in seat 2, Cyndy Violette was in 3, I was in 5, Cliff Josephy was in 6, and Scott Fischman was in 8. All things considered, I liked this lineup. The four seat was someone I had played cash games with and was a mediocre player and from my experience with Violette on the previous day, I think she’s relatively easy to play against.

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