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How to Get Clear Skin Instantly


Everyone wants to look beautiful in this beauty conscious world. If you want to get and keep your skin clear then you should follow a good skin care regimen. Include some basic steps such as cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing into your skin care routine. Try to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to get rid of dead surface layer of skin cells. This will to reveal a healthy clear skin. Also, cleanse and moisturize your skin to keep it soft, smooth and glowing. Here are some quick tips on how to get clear skin instantly.

How to get Clear Skin Instantly

First of all, wash you hands with a good medicated soap or hand wash.

Mix a small amount of an exfoliating cleanser and hot water on your palm. Apply it over your face. Massage your facial skin in a circular motion with your fingertips. Rinse off with cold water.

Apply a mild toner with a cotton ball. You can use your own home based toner like use rose water if your skin type is dry or sensitive. Use lemon juice if you are with oily skin type.

Lastly, moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer.

Exfoliation Scrub Recipe for Clear Skin

Exfoliation process helps remove dead skin cells, dirt and other impurities from the skin. Use this recipe to get clear skin instantly in minutes.

Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser.

Now, make a mixture by combining one tablespoon of gram flour, ½ teaspoon of curd and 2-3 drops of lemon juice or 1-2 drops of glycerin if your skin type is dry. Apply it over your facial skin and leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub it off with plenty of cold water. Moisturize your skin.

These were some simple tips on how to get clear skin instantly. Lastly, drink plenty of water and other healthy fluids to keep your skin clear, glowing and healthy naturally.

How to Treat Dry Skin Patches at Home

Dry skin patches can have several causes including climate change, sun exposure, or any other skin related condition like psoriasis, eczema etc. You can use various homemade remedies to treat your problem at home. Here are some remedies and tips on how to treat dry skin patches naturally at home.

How to Treat Dry Skin Patches at Home

Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the affected area. Use this remedy twice daily until they fade.

Vitamin E oil is loaded with natural skin friendly and healing properties. Apply vitamin E oil on your skin to get rid of dry skin patches.

Use horse tail herb compress to reduce the discomfort associated with eczema. Boil one teaspoon dried horsetail herb with one cup of water for 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool. Now, take a clean towel, soak it in the infusion and place it over the affected area. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. Use this herbal remedy on a daily basis.

Apply olive oil to your dry skin patches. Gently massage the area for a few minutes. Do not wash it.

You can also use honey to treat this condition. Make a paste by mixing half teaspoon each of honey and egg with one teaspoon of milk powder. Apply it over the affected area. Wash off after 20 minutes

Another effective remedy for dry skin patches is to take an herbal bath. Just combine four tablespoons each of witch hazel, lemongrass, rose petals and corn meal. Put two tablespoons of the resultant mixture into four cups of boiling water. Steep for half an hour and then add it to a hot bath. Soak your body for 10 to 15 minutes. It is an effective remedy against red and scaly dry skin patches. To learn more about your interest on “expert filler injector“, check here

These were some simple remedies and tips on how to treat dry skin patches at home. Lastly, drink plenty of water to keep your body fully hydrated and avoid dehydration causing substances like alcohol, coffee etc.

How to “Play”

How to help Have fun with for Newbies, It can Unknown – On-line new online casinos usa is one involving the most suitable playing activities for making extra money. Many people who managed to get thousands of rupiah only simply by playing online poker. How to play each man or woman is different. Certainly all bettors use their own combined tricks to obtain victory.

How to be able to “Play”

For admits which have been in the world of Online Texas holdem for more than three years, the Administrator must also have a great uncomplicated way to count on and provide a greater chance of winning. At this juncture the admin can share with you many ways to play texas holdem for beginners that are almost never known to a lot of people. Precisely how to “Play “The very first and very important action in trying to play online texas holdem is to find typically the Best Poker online Site, the Most Trusted, and possesses recently been played by quite a few folks.

Of course, quite a few rookies may be inconvenient in addition to not good at choosing. If you actually desire to play poker on the web look for profit, you can try often the SundulPoker site. Where possesses been running for more than six years now plus continues as a favorite web page for many Indonesian bettor. Playing at IDN Poker SundulPoker is previously respected Of course there will be specific causes why bettors really like the adventure on SundulPoker, as well as confesses which are still loyal to learn there. Because the sport put in at home to win, there is no cheating together with bots or confesses appear into play. So of which this provides you with a increased chance for the more effective to earn easily.

Triumph Easily Carry out At Sundul To start taking part in, of course all you want is an ID of your current own. Wherever will often the results of your earnings and profits you can easily immediately withdraw / pull away to your account registered with SundulPoker. Store now at often the best IDN Poker stein order to end up being more quickly you can follow often the measures beneath: There are 2 methods to make an account on this site the first way you can directly go to the recognized SundulPoker website next click on Register, fill in the data correctly and accordingly after that click send and your current consideration is ready for you to play poker on the net.

Often the second way you can get in touch with Customer Service on the SundulPoker web site. Prepare yourself the data requested simply by CS and you will certainly be helped to join up your current account by CS. Inside a few minutes anyone will get a User ID and password for you to login. After having a ID, just refer to how to play holdem poker that will I have all in all thus that it is effortlessly done by everyone.

Understand this combination of greeting cards plus terms in Poker

The particular first point you possess to do is fully grasp the card combinations obtainable in online poker and it has the conditions like High Cards, One particular Pair, Two Pair, Several of Kind, 4 of Kind, Straight, Get rid of, Joker, Straight Flush, Royal Flush.

How to Be successful for you to Play the Most Effective On-line Parlay Ball Playing


Nicely, for those involving you who like to help play on the internet soccer gambling. Surely you know what is actually called Parlay / Many Bet. And so for typically the type of football gambling that is in that Sportsbook is probably the types of gambling that is almost all in the interest involving the special player within Indonesia. Because only using a small capital you may get net income that can be a lot of times the main city guess.

So you can think about that just by using a good capital of 50 thousand rupiah. Then you may already have millions for you to hundreds of millions involving rupiah. Surely for today one does certainly not believe the idea? Please just prove it yourself by means of joining often the trustworthy sports parlay betting web-site using the guidelines in rtp online. and tricks that all of us present down below.

How to be able to Win to learn the The majority of Effective Online Parlay Basketball Gambling Here beneath many of us will give you often the most effective way for you to win online parlay gambling, as well as:

  1. Determine Enjoy Capital The first issue you must do before beginning to play is to prepare investment to play or place a guess. You can try participating in first using the cheapest minimum amount deposit, usually only Rp. 50, 000.
  2. Determine the Bets Budget Typically the next tip is that you currently have to determine how significantly income you will expend to play. And right away stop playing if an individual have lost or damaged the concentrate on you set. Because this method is important consequently that you do not participate in and lose, producing in all of your money employed up.
  3. Review Your own personal Betting Team Before playing you definitely choose the team that you might install. Then you must find out information with regards to the team that you play and review that. Like which team is way more popular, Head to Head connected with the a pair of teams, this last 5 fits regarding the two teams, without less important is the condition of the participants associated with the two teams. You ought to analyze these kind of factors as you increase your winning percentage.
  4. Certainly not Only Choosing the High Baseball Market place Make sure you are not very easily provoked by the market associated with paintballs or voor launched with the site where you play. Due to the fact many players are easily fooled by means of the open marketplaces. For that you should pay out more consideration to typically the 3rd point that we presented above.
  5. Combine Your Bets The meaning of combining bets is if you choose clubs in one party, ensure you mix these bets using several varieties of bets, for case in point at 1 party you choose hindrances or 1 × two, bets around under, Initially half, correct score etc .


Millions get pay boost as living wage goes live


Millions of workers will receive a pay rise today when the new national living wage comes into force.

Unions welcomed the £7.20 hourly rate for adults – increasing by 50p from £6.70 – but said it was not fair that younger workers were missing out, while business groups warned that firms’ paybills will “ratchet up”.

The Government’s aim is to increase the rate to £9 an hour by 2020, which would affect an estimated nine million workers.

Research by the Resolution Foundation found that more than one in four employees in the Midlands, Wales and Yorkshire and the Humber will benefit, compared to one in seven in London.

Owen Smith, shadow work and pensions secretary, said: “It’s a typically cruel sleight of hand from the Tories to introduce their version of the living wage with one hand, while taking five times as much in cuts to Universal Credit and Tax Credits with the other.

“While this higher minimum wage for the over-25s is welcome, it will feel like an act of deception for the two million families set to lose £1,600 a year through cuts to in-work support.”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Britain desperately needs a pay rise, and this increase is good news for those aged 25 or older.

“But the Government must ensure that younger workers are not left behind. 21-24-year-olds will not be seeing an increase tomorrow. This is not fair. Future wage increases must narrow the pay gap between old and young.

Helen Barnard, head of analysis at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said: “The national living wage is an important step towards a high-wage, low-welfare economy.

“Investing in the skills of low-paid workers and encouraging the creation of more productive jobs would help us to reach this goal faster.

“However, on its own it won’t do a great deal for poverty. That’s partly because many workers with low hourly pay live in households with quite high overall incomes.

Dr Adam Marshall, acting director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “T he Government’s new living wage will apply a ratchet effect to all companies’ pay bills, and sits alongside a raft of other high employment-related costs.

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“While many companies have the ability to increase pay, others will struggle to do so alongside pensions auto-enrolment, the apprenticeship levy, employer National Insurance contributions, and other up-front costs.

“Some will have to divert money from training and investment to increase pay, which could hurt their productivity. Others may stop hiring altogether.”

Josh Hardie of the Confederation of British Industry said: ” Companies are committed to raising prosperity and living standards, but for wage increases to be sustainable they must go hand-in-hand with productivity growth.

“If the living wage doesn’t get this balance right it will risk being unaffordable for many firms. Smaller businesses and those in key sectors like hospitality, retail and care are likely to be particularly affected.”

Around 2,300 employers have already signed up to the higher voluntary living wage of £9.40 an hour in London and £8.25 for the rest of the UK.

Katherine Chapman, director of the Living Wage Foundation said: “Today’s new legal minimum is an important step forward in tackling low pay in the UK. The landscape on low pay has shifted. This is down to the employers we work with who have over the past 10 years voluntarily chosen to pay beyond the minimum wage rates set by Government.

“However the job is not done when it comes to tackling low pay. Around six million people earn below the voluntary living wage with women, young people and part time workers most affected by low pay.”

The Government said the new rate will mean a £900 cash increase for a full-time worker on the current national minimum wage.

Chancellor George Osborne said: “The national living wage will play a central role in moving Britain to a higher wage, lower tax, lower welfare economy.

“It will also mark the end of the gender pay gap for some of our lowest paid and hardest working people.”

Eurosceptic Culture Secretary John Whittingdale poured cold water on the initiative, warning that having a higher minimum wage for British workers while in the EU would fuel immigration.

“The living wage was a great idea to give British families a pay rise, but because we have no control of our borders the main people that benefit could be from other EU countries,” he told The Times, adding that the influx would place public services under “great strain”.

Labour MP Chuka Umunna, from the Stronger In campaign, accused Mr Whittingdale of attacking the living wage and having “inherent antipathy to using the clout of government to raise wages for the very lowest paid”.

Mr Osborne, speaking at the Asda superstore at Trafford Park in Manchester, sai d: “We said that Britain deserved a pay rise and today Britain is getting a pay rise.”

The Chancellor added: “It’s going to be a pay rise for millions of people, it’s all part of a Government that is delivering for working people.

“So often when the economy recovers and starts to grow it’s the better off who see the benefit of that but I wanted to make sure, we were determined to make sure, that everyone saw the benefits. That’s why we are introducing this national living wage.”

Mr Osborne said: “For people under 25 there is the national minimal wage and we have just announced that it is going to go up to £6.95 an hour and we want to make sure that we are not putting people out of work as we increase the wages, so we thought the NLW is best for people over the age of 25, although companies like Asda, they have decided to pay everyone including the people under 25 that wage.”

Indian MILF sex videos Honeymoon in Nainital Uttarakhand

Indian MILF sex videos


Located at a height of 1940 meter above sea level and placed, around the beautiful lake, Nainital, is the charming hill resort of Nainital. Surrounded by seven hills, this attractive hill station was once the summer capital of Uttar Pradesh and is expected to become the future capital of the new state of Uttaranchal.

The most sought after hill resort in India, its quaint cottages, colorful markets, the lush landscape and the beautiful lake, at the very heart of it, makes Nainital a delightful spot. With many interesting walks thorough the forests, to points with superb views of the Himalayas.

HISTORY of Nainital Uttaranchal Pradesh

In 1839, an English traveler, discovered the Naini Lake, and its surrounding areas now known as Nainital. A green and pleasant land, it immediately appealed to the homesick Britishers, who were reminded of the Cambrian Lake District. It became popular Indian MILF sex videos with the British Raj after a Mr. Barron had his yacht carried up here in 1840.

The Nainital Boat Club, whose wooden clubhouse still graces the edge of the lake, became the fashionable focus of the community. Disaster struck on 16 September 1880, when a major landslide occurred, burying 151 people and creating the recreation ground now known as the Flats.

CULTURE of Nainital Uttaranchal Pradesh

There is little of architectural interest other than the colonial style villas overlooking the lake. Angling, Mountaineering and trekking are of interest here.

SHOPPING in Nainital Uttaranchal Pradesh

For shoppers, Nainital lays itself out on the Mall, Mallital and Tallital bazaars and the Tibetan market. Woollens, candles and cane sticks are nice buys to carry back home.


Nainital doesn?t have an authentic cuisine, but offers a wide-ranging variety of Indian and continental food. Most restaurants are located on either of the Malls, typically visited by tourists.

Entertainment Options in Nainital Uttaranchal Pradesh

Lake, Mall , Flatts,Zoo, Ropeway, HorseRiding, Rajbhawan, CaveGarden, Hanumangarhi ,Observatory , Snow View , China Peak ,Lands End Tiffin Top Kilbury.

General Information Of Nainital


277 km north of Delhi and at an altitude of 1,938 m, Nainital is surrounded by hills with a thick forest cover.

HOW TO REACH in Nainital Uttaranchal Pradesh

By Air

Pantnagar 70 Kms from Nainital is the nearest air port . The other nearest air ports are at Delhi and Lucknow.

By Rail

The Shatabdi Express shuttles once a week (Sundays) between Delhi and Kathgodam (35 km from the hill station), only during the summer season. Railway station: Nearest railhead is Kathgodam, 35 km south of Nainital ? connected with Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Agra, Bareilly and Lucknow.

By Road

Good motorable roads. Delhi Transport Corporation runs deluxe coaches to Nainital. So do many private operators in the Capital. Road distances to Nainital: Delhi 322 km; Bareilly 141 km; Lucknow 401 km; Almora 66 km; Ranikhet 60 km; Kausani 120 km; Corbett (Dhikala) 128 km. Bus terminus: Most buses and shared jeeps leave from the bus stand at Tallital.

CLIMATE of Nainital Uttaranchal Pradesh

Summers are pleasant in Nainital as temperatures remain between 11?C and 27.5?C. In the winters, however, temperatures may drop between 2?C and 16?C.

Major Tourist Attractions In Nainital Uttarakhand

Trip to NAINI LAKE of Nainital Uttaranchal Pradesh

This attractive lake is said to be, one of the emerald green eyes of Shiva’s wife, Sati (Naina is Sanskrit for eye). When Sati’s father failed to invite Shiva to a family sacrifice, she burnt herself to death in protest. Shiva gathered the charred remains in his arms and proceeded to engage in a cosmic dance, which threatened to destroy the world. To terminate the dance, which threatened to destroy the world, Vishnu chopped up the body into pieces, and the remains were scattered across India. The modern Naina Devi Temple at the northern end of the lake is built over the precise spot where the eye is believed to have fallen.

visit to SNOW VIEW of Nainital

Located above the Mall, Snow View at 2270 meter is an easily accessible peak, which offers a brilliant view of the majestic Himalayas, and is an ideal picnic spot.


CHURCH OF ST.JOHN – A popular landmark of the region, is the Bara Bazaar, a vibrant market, above which is the Church of St John-in-the-Wilderness, which is one of the earliest structures of Nainital.

DOROTHYS SEAT – A 4 km walk to the west of the lake, brings you to Dorothy’s Seat (229m), also known as Tiffin Top. The Seat is a memorial, to an English lady who is believed to have died in an accident at the spot.

GURNEY HOUSE – For wildlife lovers, the Gurney House is of much significance, as it was the former residence of the great hunter – turned – conservator of man-eating tigers, Jim Corbett.

HANUMANGARH & OBSERVATORY – Situated on top of the 1950 m high Manora Peak is the Uttar Pradesh State Astronomical Observatory, which is open to the public at certain times. Nearby is the Hanumangarh temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the monkey god, which is also renowned for its sunset over the plains.

LANDS END – Close to Dorothy’s seat, a group of twelve peculiarly formed rocks is Lands End (2118 m), which overlooks terraced fields and the Kurpa Tal Lake (1635 m). It’s a lovely walk from Dorothy’s seat to Lands End through a forest of oak, deodar and pine.


The highest summit in the area is the Naina Peak, 2610 m, looming over Mallital, which offers some breathtaking views of the entire area from Gangotri to Nepal.

four hours in game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening

The topic for Austin Blog Day is “What to do with four spare hours in Austin”.

Let’s start with what I did with four spare hours in Austin — got this site up and running. And if you have a few hours to spare and want to start a blog, that would be a good thing to do. Then next time there’s an Austin blog day you can post your own info instead of just living vicariously through others while you sit at home in tighty whities, eating cheese balls and chocolate-covered plums and talking in haiku.

Now what do you think I can no longer do with four spare hours in Austin? If you said sing karaoke downtown on weekends, you were right. As of last week, Bob Popular Karaoke (aka Crocodile Rocks) is shut, after being sold. Apparently it’s going to become yet another vanilla-flavored bar, like there are not enough of those. It looks like my karaoke consumption for the foreseeable future will have to come from the one- or two-night a week places that are so hit and miss.

Chip Rosenthal lamented that live music downtown has been replaced with drunken bush sisters and a cheap jello shots party scene. My thinking is more along the lines of: if there happens to be a cheap jello shots party scene with drunken coeds, it can at least feature one decent karaoke bar. It may not technically qualify as “live music”, but it is music and it is live. Karaoke is direct democracy; a musician on a stage is a dictatorship.

I’ve spent a good chunk of my friday and game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening night time over the past four years at BPK and am going to miss it. The place wasn’t the most excellent karaoke bar I’ve been to, but it was the most excellent one in Austin. The KJ’s were really friendly, loved what they did, and were good at their jobs. The drinks were cheap and the bartenders knew what their customers liked. If it wasn’t for the fact that the management of BP did not understand or properly promote karaoke (including barely adding to the song list in 4 years), it could have been a really great place.

What amazes me is that more places downtown don’t feature karaoke. There is occasional karaoke at ocean’s eleven and club deville, but I’ll go on record as saying that downtown is way ready for a well-done, full-time karaoke bar. Karaoke is not a passing fad, it’s a hugely popular, growing worldwide phenomenon and it’s here to stay.

While the folks at Common Interest wouldn’t probably be too psyched if a kickass karaoke bar opened downtown, anyone contemplating opening one should stop by CI any day of the week. There aren’t too many bars that are packed every single day. This is a town that likes to sing, and we have a huge shortage of places to do it in.

I’m looking forward to checking out the thursday night karaoke at Sake on Sixth once the warm weather picks up and they start doing it again. Apparently the KJ has like 10,000 songs on his list, which is pretty rare in this town.

What to do if you have four spare hours in Austin on Monday (2/24): go see “Karaoke Fever” at the Drafthouse Downtown, followed by “The Backyard”.

Acne Scars Treatment


Using a variety of modalities ranging from topical therapy to Accutane, an area of expertise for Dr Doris Day, the first goal is to stop acne in its tracks. With several new treatments and resurfacing techniques the options for acne control and cure has diversified over the past few years. Dr Doris Day has never used Accutane in the past or the future.

All acne scars are  treated on an individual basis therefore, Dr Doris Day will combine several non-invasive procedures to minimize the cosmetic appearance of acne’s remnants.

Putting aside older procedures that carried with them greater cost, risk, and downtime, Dr. Doris Day approaches acne scars with several modalities that he has developed to give significant cosmetic improvement without interrupting daily activities.

Done at frequent intervals, Fraxel, laser resurfacing, the Doris Day technique,  temporary fillers, chemical peels, Laser Toning, and the much publicized CROSS technique,which chemically restructures scars at their root, are just some of the procedures that Dr Doris Day will utilize to reorganize and revitalize scarred skin.

New York Dermatology by Board Certified  Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day is a board certified NYC  Dermatologist with a  New York City office in Manhattan, New York  providing expert skin care, dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology services.  A Park Avenue practice with an international reputation in general, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology.

A board certified dermatologist in New York, NY specializing in dermatology and dermatologic surgery including state-of-the-art cosmetic surgical procedures, Dr. Doris Dayhaving worked alongside several of the world’s renowned dermatologists,best dermatologists, best cosmetic surgeons, best plastic surgeons, and celebrity dermatologists has shaped a uniquely innovative approach in treating any skin problem you may have.

I personally see every new patient who visits our office. I am not just a physician, I am a Board Certified Dermatologist. My goal is, quite simply, to provide the type of dermatology care which I  would seek for my own family. This is a very important point, since physicians often use the phrase “Doctor’s Doctor” to refer to those individuals who typically are selected by physicians themselves for personal care. I am confident that my practice fully meets that definition. This is the type of 5-star care and service that our patients expect, deserve and receive. I treat every patient the way I would want to be treated: with courtesy, dignity and respect. I carefully listen to their hair and skin-care concerns and offer a variety of options including a treatment plan that I believe will give them the best results

Dr Doris Day sees every patient himself and  believes in personalized care. The Doctor does not employ any physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or other physician substitutes to do his treatment. He sees every patient himself at every visit. Check more to learn about expert cosmetic dermatologist

A significant percentage of my Hair Loss, Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology Conditions are diagnosed  on listening to the medical history of the patient alone, a further percentage on examination and the remainder on further detailed or careful examination and my patients teach me the rest. It is clear to me that history and examination skills remain at the very core of my dermatology practice.

Older Dermatologists like myself rely on history and physical to a greater degree than the younger dermatologists.  I think that the pendulum has swung too far towards all these cosmetic procedures where the younger dermatologists are just doing cosmetic procedures and not listening to their patients.  This is an important point because if the Dermatologist does not spend enough time with the patient during the consult the cosmetic procedures will probably not work.

How To Win At The sanghoki Track


Some people are just unlucky. Some folks don’t have the skills.

Some people handicap races like our friend Luckbox.

At first blush it may seem like the ‘Box is lousy at this kind of thing. If that’s your feeling now, you’ve not thought about it from a distance.

Step back from those busted picks and wasted dollars. Look at the immense beauty of the whole body of Luckbox disaster.

Check this out:

The Santa Anita Pick 6 Ticket

The sanghoki launched this venture in early April of this year. We start with a helpful advice column with the colorful title “How to Win the Pick 6”

It starts with a bang. Qualifications listed as such:

“How to Win the Pick 6

by Luckbox

Full disclosure: I’ve never won the Pick 6.”

Good stuff!

Once that standard is set we then recruit donors for a Pick 6 ticket with an interesting qualifier:

“The Santa Anita Pick 6 Ticket

by Luckbox

After a few days of handicapping, the picks are in. BG and I have put together a ticket we believe has a great chance of bringing in a payday. Interestingly, we were on the same page in almost every race. That doesn’t always happen. We’re hoping that means we’re locked in and not that we’re both idiots.”

I think we ALL hope you aren’t both idiots. You’ve spent OUR money!

But what are the results? Fear not, those are fast… and not all that shocking,


So without further ado, the picks:

Race 6: 7f Clm50000

2 Switzerland, 7 Sorcerers Spell, 9 Hit and Hope

BG and I were in agreement that Sorcerer’s Spell and Hit and Hope are the top choices in this race. After getting through the whole card, we had enough in our budget to add another horse and it was Switzerland just ahead of the 8 horse, Exceeding.

RESULTS: It’s over before it begins. The last horse we left off was Exceeding. He was actually my Dad’s favorite in this race, but was just left off the ticket by BG and I. Hit and Hope ran up front most of the way, but faded. The favorite, Switzerland, was never a factor. Socerers Spell ran one of the worst races I’ve seen in awhile. Started well behind the pack. And I mean WELL. Was forced to unwind really early and came around the turn 12-15 wide. No one can win running a race like that. Very disappointing.


Even Luckbox was temproarily discouraged. His post the next day?

How to Win the Pick 4

Good TIMES! And fear not, you can’t keep a luckbox down!


This is where the true genius takes shape. There was a huge 20 horse field at the post in this race. 20 Horses! Picking a winner would be hard! Which means picking the OPPOSITE of the winner wil be really hard too.

Check out the picks from our post “Handicapping the Kentucky Derby”:

“Here is your Kentucky Derby winner.


How did Monba do?


out of 20.

See? The OPPOSITE of the winner! Here’s the rationale:

“It doesn’t take much skill, however, to list 10 horses that could win a race. What you want is the winner. And that winner will be Monba.

I anticipate Monba getting out good from the 14th post, following Bob Black Jack who may be the early leader. Look for Monba to settle in a few off the rail by the first turn. He’ll be in trouble if he lets those big horses outside of him get a jump on him, but I think he’ll be fine.

By the stretch, Pyro will be passing Bob Black Jack, Big Brown will be rallying from well back on the outside, Colonel John will begin his move from the middle of the pack, but Monba will be best positioned to get the win. He’ll duel with Pyro, before winning by a length, Colonel John will get up for third, Big Brown fourth and Bob Black Jack fifth.

There it is. The Blue Grass Stakes winner will make it happen again.”

For the Record, “Bob Black Jack” finished 16th.

“Pyro” finished 8th.

“Colonel John” was 6th.

This post is rife with sheer genius. Take it all in:

“Big Brown should go off as the second favorite. He also has a shot at winning this race, but coming out of the 20th post will be more than he can overcome. He’ll expend a lot of energy to get himself closer to the rail and the four horses inside of him are too good to allow him that room. This is the best horse in the field, but he won’t win.”

Big Brown DID win. By a LOT!


What about the Belmont?

On May 10th Luckbox dove into the complicated world of picking the Belmont. And this one is a doozy.

After Luckbox posted his “Hot Belmont Tip:”

Hot Belmont Tip

by Luckbox

I’ll keep this short for those of you who don’t care about horse racing (and therefore, don’t care about making awesome amounts of money based on my handicapping insights!).

I’m eyeing a horse you probably haven’t heard of. And his name is poker-blogger worthy, Casino Drive.

I wrote an e-mail to Otis and Badblood wondering if they knew a bookie who would give me a line on “Casino Drive” bursting into flames in the starting gate. No takers. They knew the Luckbox was involved. In fact, so did the poor horse’s trainers. In order to keep their colt from becoming a spontaneous barbeque, the horse was scratched from the lineup and skipped the race altogether.

Good Move!

Now the actual Belmont Picks… keeping in mind these were posted when the field was still at 10, before “Casino Drive” was scratched.

First, a recap of the DOOMED Horse:

5 Casino Drive: I’ve written about this horse before. My Hot Belmont Tip from May 10th told you that this would be the horse to watch. Despite being lightly raced (just two career starts), Casino Drive is my pick. When horses lack real experience at a certain distance, it pays to look at breeding. Casino Drive’s is impeccable. A sore left hoof is concerning (there is a slight chance he won’t be able to run), but I’m confident he’ll be on the track when tomorrow comes and he’s far and away your best chance at getting a good price on a winner.

Morning Line: 7-2

Predicted Finish: 1st

Poor bastard never had a chance!

Then another horse stepped up to take the “Luckbox Favorite” mantle:

1 Big Brown: Enough has been written about just how good he is. Undefeated in 4 starts with the closest win being 4 3/4 lenghts in the Derby. One of only two horses in the field to post a triple digit Beyer speed figure. Seemingly had no trouble with the Preakness distance.

Morning Line: 2-5

Predicted Finish: 2nd

Keep in mind that “2nd” is a first-place prediction once “Casino Drive” ran for safety. How did Big Brown do in the remaining 9 horse field?


Did you know 2 horses TIED for 3rd place in the Belmont? It’s true! “Anak Natal” and “Ready’s Echo” both came in 3rd! Did the Luckbox see that coming?

In a word, No.

8 Anak Nakal: I’m not sure why, but this horse seems to be getting a lot of buzz going into this race. Seventh in the Derby and 5th in the Wood Memorial don’t exactly suggest Anak Nakal is ready to win the Belmont. I’d be surprised if he made a strong push.

Morning Line: 30-1

Predicted Finish: 7th

9 Ready’s Echo: Like Da’ Tara, this horse is completely outclassed in this field. Last time out, he finished 6 1/2 lengths behind Casino Drive in the Peter Pan Stakes. It would take quite a step up to contend this time out.

Morning Line: 30-1

Predicted Finish: 9th

At least Luckbox didn’t pick either of those horses to finish LAST. That would be embarrasing. Who DID Luckbox pick to finish last?

6 Da’ Tara: Sorry, just not a contender. At all. This horse has been completely overmatched by this level of talent every time out. Da’ Tara would need a perfect run and a lot of luck to even factor in the superfecta.

Morning Line: 30-1

Predicted Finish: 10th


Da’Tara won the Belmont.


Designs Selected for 2014 First Spouse skyblock shop


The United States Mint has revealed the design selections for the 2014 First Spouse Gold Coins. This will mark the eighth year of the one-half ounce 24 karat gold coin series skyblock shop the spouses of the Presidents of the United States of America.

The releases for this year will feature Florence Harding, Grace Coolidge, Lou Hoover, and Eleanor Roosevelt, the wives of the 29th to 32nd Presidents. The obverse design for each coin includes a portrait of the First Spouse, while the reveres features images emblematic of her life and work.

Florence Harding First Spouse Gold Coin

The Florence Harding First Spouse Gold Coin includes a portrait designed by Thomas Cleveland and engraved by Joseph Menna. The reverse design contains the initials “WWV” which forms a torch transforming into a pen at its base. Mrs. Harding had championed the cause of World War I veterans and carried on extensive correspondence with veterans, their spouses, and widows. Other elements of the reverse design include a camera to represent Mrs. Harding’s orchestration of photo opportunities supporting her husband’s campaign and a ballot box to represent her distinction as the first First Lady to cast a vote for a presidential candidate, her husband. The reverse was designed by Thomas Cleveland and engraved by Don Everhart.

Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin

The Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin features a portrait designed by Joel Iskowitz and engraved by Phebe Hemphill. The reverse design carries a depiction of three hands finger-spelling the letters “USA” in American sign language against the backdrop of the White House. Mrs. Coolidge had advocated for the deaf and hearing impaired. The reverse of the coin was designed by Frank Morris and engraved by Jim Licaretz.

Lou Hoover First Spouse Gold Coin

The Lou Hoover First Spouse Gold Coin carries a portrait of the First Lady designed by Susan Gamble and engraved by Michael Gaudioso. The reverse features a depiction of a late 1920’s radio set. Mrs. Hoover was the first First Lady to give a public radio address. The reverse of the coin was designed by Richard Masters and engraved by Jim Licaretz.

Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coin

The Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coin features a portrait designed by Chris Costello and engraved by Phebe Hemphill. The reverse features the image of Mrs. Roosevelt’s hand lighting a candle with its flowing light rising over a stylized graphic of the Earth’s curved horizon. This is intended to symbolize her life’s work and the global impact of her humanitarian efforts. The image references a quote by Adlai Stevenson, “She would rather light a candle than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world.” The reverse was designed by Chris Costello and engraved by Renata Gordon.

The United States Mint has not yet announced the release dates or maximum mintage levels for the 2014 First Spouse Gold Coins.

How do I best prepare my business cards for printing on coffee mugs?


The easiest way to prepare your business cards for printing on ceramic coffee mugs and cups is to scan them on your flatbed scanner with a resolution of at least 300 dpi’s (dots per inch) and in the dimensions as they’re to appear on the finished coffee mug. (See: Details on Scanning.)

Make sure that your business cards do not have any blemishes nor other “impurities” and should, preferable be on a white background as otherwise the background will also be printed on the mug.

Our mug prices include a decoration on one side of the mug and the max. area that can be decorated at this price is: 3″ x 3″.

Should your card be larger – but never taller than 3″ – then a small surcharge is applied. (See our Price List.)

Please note that for every coffee mug with a different business card on it we have to charge our single-mug price. However, differently decorated coffee mugs sent to the same shipping address can be lumped together for the S&H; price break indicated for the total quantity of mugs shipped to one and the same address. For individual mug shipments, our individual S&H; rate applies.

Should you have several different business cards for different mugs you could scan then all onto one page. However this is not the ideal solution and it is much better to scan them individually into one file/directory on your hard drive (giving each scanned business card a new file name such as, for example: card01.tif, card02.tif, etc.) and then compress this directory into one file with a compressor such as WinZip.

The resulting file can then easily be attached to an e-mail and be send to us. The preferred file format for business cards is .tif and it has to be in the PC format as we’re totally PC based. Please remember that we’ll reproduce your business cards AS IS so it’s to your advantage to have a clean and clear scan and the card is in the dimensions as you would like them to appear on your coffee mugs.

We cannot reproduce business cards that are send to us with a resolution of less than 300 dpi’s. Since our sublimation decorating process permits us to decorate our coffee mugs in full color, all 2023 Calendars on your business cards will be reproduced on the mugs – as well as all blemishes and similar impurities and badly printed letters.

To obtain the best possible lettering for business cards on coffee mugs, it is advisable that all lettering be typeset in a computer program (and not be obtained from a scan as the logo, if any, can).

Do you have an address that I could send a business card to,so I can have coffee mugs made?I cant send them anyother way.

Our address can easily be found in our web site by using the link labeled:

Proceed from the physical radical treatment acne

Acne is actually the body’s phlegm, with the blood flow in the whole body, because there is no detoxification Head of exports, had no choice but to arch from the skin out, in the face of the formation of acne.

Treatment acne have two magic weapons, a healthy spleen and stomach, to eliminate the source of phlegm, two to get through the meridians to Shiduqing to a way out.

There are a lot of handsome boy and pretty girl grow acne. This little flaw in the quest for a perfect life to bring the endless troubles. Originally, a pretty face, but due to face acne psychological a result of low self-esteem of people everywhere. In fact, if we get a clear understanding of the nature of the acne, then they would like a flash in the pan, not with us for too long. Learn more about facial rejuvenation center nashville

Acne is actually your body’s excretion of toxins exceeds the capacity of this body had no choice but to arrange skin detoxification channels plus some classes, that is, the toxin temporarily transported to the accumulation of certain parts of the skin. Acne caused by two reasons, first, an overall decline in physical fitness, detoxification, detoxification organ function, such as liver, kidney weakness, the body’s overall transport capacity garbage overwhelmed; the second is lack of strict import control body, to enter the the body’s garbage, too many toxins.

The root cause of skin splash

As a woman, and hope that their yonger for ever, often unknowingly left suddenly. In particular after the 30-year-old woman, as the skin metabolic function, and the skin surface on the accumulation of dead cells, skin problems will become stain, dark light. In fact, we can delay aging of the skin completely, so that long-term stain retire.

Skin is the growth of regular, normal 28-day cycle, every day, new skin cells, and the demise of the old cells, the demise of the cell is also known as the cell death, in addition to auto parts fell off outside Most of the accumulation in the outermost layer of skin, a long-term commitment, so that the skin becomes very thick skin and very rough. If we do not clean up in a timely manner, and melanoma spots and wrinkles will take advantage of Health, the chlorosis face, often in bold with the stain, wrinkle is a pair of twins. Therefore, the skin of the day-to-day maintenance and care has become particularly important. We talked about the skin, should first find out the facial skin color: the color of the skin by four Biotin: melanin (brown), the oxidation of hemoglobin (red), the reduction of hemoglobin (blue) and carotenoids (Yellow). The first three are endogenous pigment, the latter for exogenous pigment. However, experts believe that white skin can not maintain long-term or by external factors and internal factors.


game289Gauntlet VI Game 11 Summary


Flop Turn River’s Gauntlet ran this Sunday on 11/4 for game 11. If you are not sure what the Gauntlet is, be sure to click on the word “Gauntlet” to find out and register. Basically, it is game289 own private league where we donk around and have fun. You will see in a lot of the hand histories there is some bashing/talking, and that’s because we all know each other and have a good time. If you haven’t already, register and play with us next game. After reading the summary, make sure to see who won this games award for “lol cooleraments” which will be the cooler of the night, “wtf was he thinking” which will be the questionable play of the night, along with “donk of the night” which will be the worst beat.

It was the battle of the unbeaten on Sunday the 4th. Not in the gauntlet, but in the NFL. Yes the Colts/Patriots game was at the same time as the Gauntlet, which I am assuming had a lot to do with the low turnout. It was the lowest attendance so far, with only 15 people showing up. Before we get to the tournament, let’s look at the top 10 before this event took place and the change in position from the prior week (if any):

FTR Name – GP – Points / Week Change

Jimmy Mac – 6 – 489.07 / 0

givememyleg – 7 – 403.64 / +1

Alexos – 7 – 374.32 / -1

bigred – 6 – 365.11 / 0

kmind – 5 – 362.11 / 0

ackthecat – 6 – 320.86 / 0

Bender50 – 5 – 279.26 / +5

badgers – 4 – 264.92 / -1

Shifubowa – 6 – 262.65 / -1

Mirage – 5 – 254.32 / -1

I know there is a total of 12 games everyone gets to play, but I already think it is over. As long as Jimmy Mac makes sure to play his final 6 games I don’t think anyone will be able to pass him. He is a complete animal this season, he has two wins, a second, and a 4th place finish out of 6 games. Very impressive. I (givememyleg) am in 2nd place, but am no where near Jimmy Mac because JM has an extra game and almost 90 points on me. Also notice Bender50′s big jump up with his 3rd place finish last week. Well, let’s get to the action.

With only 15 people playing, both tables started shorter than usual and quickly would become shorthanded. 5-6 handed play is much different than full ring and I think it awarded more experienced people. The action began with C2Knuckles playing absolutely crazy, raising and re-raising everywhere. Here is an example of his UTG raising range:

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to givememyleg [5h Kc]

kemikar said, “kill pot”

C2Knuckles said, “what a bully”

C2Knuckles: raises 50 to 70

Isopbc: folds

givememyleg: folds

Warpe: folds

kemikar: folds

DCMirage: folds

Anosmic: calls 60

fimanoid: folds

*** FLOP *** [Jc 7s 7d]

Anosmic: checks

C2Knuckles: bets 120

Anosmic: folds

C2Knuckles collected 160 from pot

C2Knuckles: shows [2s 7h] (three of a kind, Sevens)

givememyleg said, “lolz”

He sure does flop good! Speaking of aggressive, bigspenda73 (LolTrappedU on Stars) was being very active. In fact, he won the first 4/5 pots and quickly became the chip leader. Everyone was giving this guy waaaaaay too much respect (NITS!) and he wasn’t on my table, or else I would have started playing back much more liberally. 10 minutes in he already had over 2,000 chips without showing down any hand. Here is just an example of his dominating the table:

*** HOLE CARDS ***

efil4elbmow: folds

BeeJall: folds

losttrem: folds

Shifubowa: raises 60 to 80

LolTrappedU: calls 80

ackthecat: folds

Phew72: folds

*** FLOP *** [Kc 3c Ac]

Shifubowa: checks

LolTrappedU: bets 140

Shifubowa: folds

LolTrappedU collected 190 from pot

LolTrappedU: shows [8d 7d] (high card Ace)

Speaking of aggressive, the first casualty was someone I mentioned earlier, C2Knuckles. I think he had to go watch the NE/Indi game based on his table chat, and notice his raising amount gave away his hand (he previously re-raised to 666 with pocket 6s as well):


*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to givememyleg [Jd 8d]

Isopbc: raises 60 to 80

givememyleg: folds

Warpe: folds

kemikar: folds

DCMirage: folds

Anosmic: folds

fimanoid: folds

C2Knuckles: raises 697 to 777

C2Knuckles said, “i gotta go soon”

C2Knuckles said, “shove”

givememyleg said, “doooo it”

Online Medical Transcription School and the Busy Worker

These days it seems like everyone is working harder and harder just to stay in the same place. With so many of us working ten, twelve hours and more every single day just to keep up with an every expanding workload, advancing one’s career can seem like a far off goal. The thought of driving across town and sitting in a traditional classroom for three or four hours after putting in a full day at work can be anything but pleasant, and it is no wonder so many workers have given up on their educational dreams.

Fortunately for harried workers there are a number of alternatives to that traditional classroom. In these days of the Internet and worldwide connectivity it is easier than ever to pursue medical training and earn a certificate in medical transcription, for example. No matter what your educational or career aspirations, chances are good that there is an online medical transcription school out there ready to make your dreams come true.

Medical Transcription SchoolsThere are many great reasons why even the busiest workers should explore the value of a medical transcription course or medical Translation Company UK transcription program. One of the most important reasons is that in some cases the employer will be more than willing to pick up part of the tab. Many large corporations, and a number of smaller firms as well, have recognized the value of sending their workers to learn a new skill, including medical transcription. Having a well educated and dedicated workforce is a major competitive advantage for a medical office or healthcare organization, and smart business owners understand that providing reimbursement for that medical transcription online program can be a real motivator.

Those healthcare organizations who have chosen to reimburse some or all of the cost of a medical transcription class can benefit from increased employee retention, higher morale and increased productivity. Workers who are considering advancing their education should be sure to inquire about programs that help pay the cost of a medical transcription online school.

Having a medical transcriber education is a great way for workers to increase their competitive advantage in a difficult job market. It may not be fair, but when tough times hit, those with the least education are often the most likely to find themselves standing in the unemployment line. To make matters even worse, those laid off workers often find it difficult to find meaningful new employment without the power of career training behind them. By increasing their skills, those workers can increase their value with the company. Not only will that medical transcription training make it easier to find a new job – it may also help to make a layoff less likely.



Memahami Waktu Pulau Kasino Online togel

Di kehidupan sebelumnya, saya adalah editor publikasi konsumen yang meliput perjudian Internet dan akibatnya saya dihadapkan dengan tugas untuk menangani keluhan dari petaruh Net yang tidak puas. Hampir setiap pengeluh percaya bahwa dia ditipu, dan sebagian besar dari mereka yang percaya bahwa mereka ditipu berpikir demikian karena mereka meminta pembayaran dan tidak menerimanya. Kabar baiknya bagi konsumen adalah sebagian besar keluhan telah teratasi.

Tapi, apa yang memberi? Mengapa begitu banyak korban yang salah?

Saat Anda masuk ke sportsbook atau toko taruhan dengan tanda terima togel dan meminta pembayaran pada taruhan yang menang, Anda segera menerimanya. Ketika Anda bermain blackjack atau dadu besar, Anda dapat berharap untuk keluar dari kasino dengan uang tunai di dompet Anda. Bahkan ketika Anda meminta pembayaran untuk taruhan telepon yang menang, Anda tahu bahwa akun Anda akan segera dikreditkan dan Anda akan memiliki akses yang relatif cepat ke kemenangan Anda.

Masuki era perjudian internet. Mereka mengatakan bahwa hal Internet ini adalah tentang kenyamanan, tetapi Anda akan terkejut betapa tidak nyamannya itu ketika datang untuk mendapatkan uang Anda.

Sebagian besar layanan perjudian Internet dioperasikan di luar Karibia, dan banyak petaruh Net yang tidak berpengalaman tidak begitu mengerti bahwa segala sesuatunya tidak selalu berjalan dengan cepat di sana.

Terlepas dari kemajuan dalam teknologi pemrosesan pembayaran, kemenangan masih paling sering dibayarkan melalui transfer bank, layanan pengiriman uang, atau cek pribadi. Itu berarti terserah kepada orang-orang yang menjalankan situs untuk mengeluarkan dan mengirimkan cek atau meminta bank mereka untuk mentransfer uang. Tapi masalahnya, ketika roda-roda itu berputar di pulau-pulau, mereka tidak selalu berputar dengan cepat.

Ketika Anda mengunjungi pulau-pulau, Anda meninggalkan konsep seperti tergesa-gesa dan mendesak, dan mentalitas santai ini secara luas ditentukan di seluruh wilayah. Ditambah fakta bahwa infrastruktur komunikasi di banyak lokasi pulau kurang, dan seharusnya tidak mengherankan bahwa uang Anda mungkin tidak terbang keluar dari Karibia dengan kecepatan kilat.

Kemudian, ketika Anda menelepon layanan pelanggan, mereka mungkin memberi tahu Anda bahwa uangnya sedang dalam perjalanan, tetapi apa yang tidak Anda sadari adalah bahwa “dalam perjalanan” dalam “waktu pulau” dapat berarti “sedang diproses dan akan dikirim pada akhirnya. ”

Beberapa terjemahan tambahan: “Cek ada di tangan saya dan akan segera dikirim,” sering berarti, “Cek ada di suatu tempat di meja saya dan akan dikirimkan kapan pun saya mau.” Demikian juga, “Uang akan ditransfer ke rekening bank Anda dalam waktu satu minggu,” dapat berarti, “Kami biasanya mencoba untuk mentransfer uang dalam waktu seminggu, tetapi terkadang dibutuhkan hingga empat.”

Jadi, jawaban saya kepada petaruh yang mengeluh bahwa mereka meminta pembayaran Kasino Online Singapura “tiga jam yang lalu” dan dana masih belum dipindahkan selalu, “Saya menyesal mendengar ini. Hubungi saya kembali dalam seminggu jika Anda masih belum menerima pembayaran, dan kami akan melihat apakah kami dapat membantu menyelesaikan masalah ini.” Sangat jarang saya mendengar kabar dari mereka, dan sangat jarang kasus pelanggan ditipu. Sebaliknya, kebanyakan kasus adalah kasus pelanggan mendapatkan layanan yang sangat buruk.

Pada hari-hari awal perjudian Internet, layanan pelanggan dan pembayaran yang cepat sangat kurang. Meningkatkan teknologi dan persaingan yang meningkat telah mengubah ini sedikit menjadi lebih baik. Bahkan sebagian besar buku olahraga dan kasino online di Karibia telah menemukan cara untuk menghindari waktu pulau. Namun perlu diketahui, masih banyak yang belum mengadopsi konsep layanan cepat.

Ada kelompok advokat konsumen yang disatukan untuk korban penipuan, dan tentu saja, gunakan mencari bantuan mereka jika Anda pernah mengalaminya, tetapi Anda tidak perlu terburu-buru menemui mereka pada tanda pertama masalah. Jika pembayaran Anda tidak segera muncul, dan layanan pelanggan tampaknya tidak merespons, jangan langsung panik dan beralih ke ofensif. Ambil piña colada, lemparkan diri Anda ke tempat tidur gantung dan berikan beberapa hari. (Atau jika Anda tidak terlalu menyukai semangat pulau, setidaknya gunakan waktu Anda untuk mencari situs yang menawarkan layanan yang lebih baik.) Lebih sering daripada tidak, Anda akan mendapatkan uang Anda.



Thief at Aria Attempts to Steal $5k Chip from Pro keluaran sgp Mueller


Greg Mueller, a poker pro from Vancouver, BC, is a former professional hockey player, and not the best guy to try to steal chips from, as a robber at the Aria hotel and casino in Las Vegas found out a few nights ago.

After Day 1b of the Epic keluaran sgp Poker League Pro/Am event, where Mueller finished the day as chip leader, he went to the Aria to shoot some dice with his good friends Shawn Buchanan and Kyle Wilson.


As Mueller rolled dice he had his chip rack sitting directly next to his left hip. A character described as “shady” was floating around the craps table, watching, giving off a little bit of a suspicious vibe. Next, Kyle tells Mueller, “Count your flags!” That’s when Mueller noticed that one of his 5k chips was missing, and the “shady character” was walking off in the other direction!


Mueller and his large friend Kyle Wilson were in hot pursuit of the robber through the Aria casino. Kyle got a hold of the robber at first and ripped his shirt clean off, but the robber kept running through the casino shirtless like a gazelle fleeing two hungry lions on the African savanna! In Mueller’s words, “It was like Frogger, when he’d turn my way, he’d kind of freeze for a second”.


It wasn’t long before Wilson and Mueller were upon the robber outside, holding his face pressed down into the pavement. “Ship the flag and I won’t do anything to you!” At which time the robber, handed over the $5K chip.


The police soon took over and Mueller walked back to the table, relieved at getting his money back and ready to shoot some more dice. In Mueller’s words, the $5k chip wasn’t a lot of money to him, but he hates when people try to steal from him. He was prepared to chase the guy back to LA if he had to! His friend Kyle later said that he never saw the $5K chip actually get taken, but he knew something was up when he saw Mueller’s rack shake for a second!


The robber obviously chose the wrong person to rob, and will now deservedly be making his way through America’s outdated criminal justice system. It’s unknown yet how much jail time the thief may be facing. For now at least, thanks to Greg Mueller and Kyle Wilson, there is one less sticky fingered thief out loose on the streets of Las Vegas.

15/30 Game (with Overs) Continues at Casino 580

Given last Friday’s debut of the brand new 15/30 Hold’Em game at Casino 580 in Livermore, CA was a tremendous success, it will continue tomorrow April 8th starting at 7 PM, and every Friday thereafter.

Last week, the big action, $3 rake (about half of all other 15/30 games in the area), hundreds of dollars in various buy-in, high hand, and quad promotions, and the 93k Bad Beat Jackpot kept the game strong until the wee hours of the morning. This Friday will feature the same exciting promotions, 30/60 Overs, and even more action!


Seats are filling up quickly to take advantage of the buy-in bonus. Reservations for remaining seats are still available for this super cheap, high-limit game. Don’t miss out! See you tonight!

Casino 580 in Livermore, CA offers 15/30 Hold’Em with $3 Drop Today at 7 PM

Beginning today, April 1st 2011 at 7 PM PST, Casino 580, formerly Lucky Buck Card Club, in Livermore, CA will be offering one of the only 15/30 Limit Hold’Em games in the Bay Area of California. The game will go down every Friday at 7 PM throughout the month of April and on into the summer.

What sets this game apart from others that are available in the region is the super low $3 drop, which is almost half as much as the common $5 drops among other games. Furthermore, if you call in to reserve a seat before 7 PM tomorrow, or any subsequent Friday, you will receive a $30 bonus from the house.


Casino 580 is located at 1620 Railroad Ave, Livermore, CA 94551, and the phone number is (925) 455-6144. Don’t miss the opportunity for some low cost, higher stakes action! And don’t forget to call in your seat before 7 PM for your $30 bonus! Cya at the tables!


Italy hosts its first ever EPT event



Apparently Italians love result hk because they came out in droves for the European Poker Tour’s first ever event in Italy. The registration line was so long that people were waiting in the streets as people itched to become part of the action that was the EPT San Remo event, and the event sold out as 337 people paid a €5,000 buy-in for Day 1a. Even more people were seated for Day 2, and the event has turned out to be the second biggest EPT tournament of the year so far. Only 500 seats were initially planned for, but the maximum number of players was expanded to 700 in order to accommodate all the interest. This generated a massive €3,195,860 prize pool, with €869,000 for first place.


Team PokerStars pros Daniel Negreanu, Tom McEvoy, Vanessa Rousso, Raymond Rahme, Lee Nelson, Dario Minieri, Luca Pagano, and Katja Thater all represented the online sponsor for the event, and over 160 players qualified for EPT San Remo through online PokerStars satellites.


337 players started Day 1a, but only around 95 survived to see Day 2. Thater was one of the early casualties despite an early double-up with a set; she lost her in the first few levels after running into pocket kings with her pocket tens. One of the most famous (and sexy) faces in the room, Patrik Antonius, also went out in the first few levels, bluffing his stack off to someone who couldn’t fold trips.


Not all the sexy people busted, though. Liz Lieu got some nice cards throughout the day – including rockets versus someone else’s pocket jacks – and built up a decent stack that would return to action on Day 2. Some other survivors of Day 1a included past EPT winner Brandon Schaefer, Roland de Wolfe, and earlier mentioned PokerStars pro Rahme. Two PokerStars pros that were playing on home soil, Minieri and Pagano, both survived Day 1a as well. Ville Nyman, a Finland native, finished the day with the chip lead.


If you searching for an interesting tidbit from Day 1a, you’ll be pleased to know that someone spent part of their Day 1a watching the movie Rounders on their iPod Nano. I love that movie and everything (even though I find Oreos disgusting), but who does that? Eh, maybe getting live reads is overrated or something.


As foreshadowed earlier, Day 1b was even bigger than Day 1a, and it featured some huge names including Negreanu, Todd Brunson, Mike McDonald, Isabelle Mercier, and Antonio Esfandiari. The Casino San Remo was absolutely jammed with spectators, creating a navigational challenge for any players or media trying to get around the building.


Esfandiari started out Day 1b out great, flopping quad sevens over his opponents rivered set of queens, helping him finish the day with a top ten chip stack. He actually had one of five dealt quads over the course of the day. Apparently Gino Alacqua even had a royal flush sometime during the day, winning chips from a player who, unfortunately (for him), had a full house. Some other notable survivors of Day 1b included Brunson and Juha Helppi. Helppi actually chipped up quite a bit during the last hour of play and wound up with a healthy 6th place chip stack. It was Anthony Lellouche, a France native, who finished with the chip lead at the end of the day, however.


Some notable Day 1b busts included Mercier, Lee Nelson, Tony G, and EPT Prague champion Arnaud Mattern. The interesting tidbit of the day was thanks to Soren Jensen, the second place finisher of the recently played EPT Scandinavian Open, known for screaming loudly and flailing his arms around every time he won a pot. Day 1b of the San Remo event was no different, and he let out a couple victory cries as he survived the day and moved on to Day 2.


Around 200 players gathered at the San Remo Casino today (yesterday by Italian standards) to play another day of poker and see who would move on to Day 3. The day started out fast and furious with almost 50 players busting within the first hour of play. Esfandiari was one of those players, pushing top pair into a set after becoming significantly short-stacked. Negreanu left the field early, as well, despite getting lucky and beating pocket aces with his A3. His day ended after an opponent pushed a queen high flop with a pair of queens and Negreanu called with ace high.


Some other notable busts included that of de Wolfe and Miss Lieu. De Wolfe thought he was going to double up after getting it in with pocket queens versus pocket jacks, but his opponent spiked a jack on the river. “I knew that card was coming,” he said after the hand was over. Lieu made it to the top 72 and, consequently, the money, but she got bad beat a couple too many times and then lost the rest of her stack when she couldn’t suck out herself with A8 versus an opponent’s QQ.


Indeed everyone who survived Day 3 was guaranteed a cash, but most of the field was focused on going deep and making the big bucks. One player who did great the entire day was Eric Koskas of France, who had apparently made it his goal to run over his table every chance he got. He raised almost every pot and knocked countless players out of the event. He will definitely be looking to make the final table when play resumes tomorrow (or today, if you are reading from Italy). Mineri also did extremely well on Day 3, to the delight of the Italian crowd. He battled back from a small stack before the dinner break but quickly doubled up twice to get back in contention. The big winner of the day was American Jason Mercier, however. He finished the day with 684,000 chips, good for the top stack at the end of the day.


With a huge prize pool and some talented players remaining, this tournament is sure to become even more exciting with two more days remaining in the schedule. Come back to the FTR Blogs on Saturday because dthorne04 will be covering the end of this first Italian EPT event.





PokerStars Radio Will Cover WCOOP 2012 Live


With the World Series of Poker set to start in mere days, PokerStars has announced that PokerStars Radio will again provide live coverage of this year’s WCOOP beginning at 20:00 BST on September 2 and continuing through September 23, 2012.  Coverage will resume at the same time every day as returning host, Joe Stapleton, and quipsters, Nick Wealthall and Matt Broughton, keep listeners up-to-date about everything that’s happening in each of this year’s 65 WCOOP events.

Rafa Nadal, the newest addition to Team SportStars at PokerStars, was recently given a crash course on what it means to bluff. In this entertaining reality style hidden camera video, Nadal poses as a receptionist and denies being Nadal when questioned. Watch the full video below, titled I’m Not Rafa, The Art of Bluffing:

In addition to providing real-time coverage, PokerStars Radio’s WCOOP broadcasts will include interviews with some of the world’s best poker players, members of Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online, former WCOOP champions, and some of this year’s event winners.  Broadcasts will also give listeners the chance to take bitcoin blackjack part in live phone-in conversations and various competitions that will reward listeners with a total of more than $25,000 worth of prizes, including seats in WCOOP 2012 tournament events.  Every PokerStars Radio – WCOOP broadcast will be fully interactive, in other words, to keep listeners both informed and wildly entertained.

On its website, PokerStars describes the World Championship of Online Poker as “the biggest and best tournament series anywhere online.”  Now in its eleventh year, drawing thousands of poker players from around the world, and offering a guaranteed prize pool of $30 million, any person would be hard-pressed to refute PokerStars’ claim.  And with the chance to win prizes and enjoy lively, timely coverage of this year’s WCOOP just by tuning into PokerStars Radio – WCOOP broadcasts, it would be equally hard to refuse to listen to the commentary of the show’s dynamic, knowledgeable hosts.

We’re really excited to bring you the next in our series of AMA, with the Pokerstars legend himself Daniel Negreanu (4 time WSOP bracelet winner)!

The AMA will take place between 6pm and 7pm ET on Wednesday (the 12th of December), and you can either tune in live or leave your questions in advance. Daniel will be answering questions under the “KidPoker” account for the full hour, and we’ve got some great questions lined up for him already.

If you are interested in following the events of WCOOP 2012 as they unfold, you can listen to PokerStars’ radio show by visiting  Or, you can enjoy the coverage by visiting’s homepage beginning at 8pm BST on any day that the series is ongoing.

Tax Law for Blackjack and Slots Different

Togel Hongkong

Most people don’t think about the IRS and taxes when they play games at a casino. It’s probably because playing casino games is fun and thinking about taxes is the opposite of that. Still, some people worry about what they need to do when they win money.

The important thing to remember is that you have to report it. If you live in the United States, the IRS requires you to report all sources of income, including that $20 your neighbor gave you to wash his car. Now, few people are going to report anything that small, but when it comes to bigger gains like at a casino, you better report it to be on the safe side. The federal prisons are full of people who assumed the IRS would never notice the income they failed to disclose.

If you play the slot machines, it can be easy. If you hit a jackpot over $1,200, representatives from the casino will approach you on the floor and give you IRS forms to sign. They will submit one copy and you will keep another for your records. If you make a smaller amount, though, it’s up to you to make sure you report it. The same goes for playing blackjack, no matter what amount you win. You can win $5,000 playing blackjack and the casino won’t come and give you a 1099 to fill out. That is because the federal tax law only requires that action for slots. Why? Who knows? It’s the government; don’t look for logic.

The one exception to that rule regards the Togel Hongkong exchange of funds over $10,000. If you purchase $10,000 or more in chips or convert that amount in chips to $10,000 or more in cash, you will be required to fill out paperwork. You will be given a Currency Transaction Report. That form is not a tax form and you need one for any cash transaction of that value, whether it’s at a car dealership, a bank or wherever. That paperwork is done to track large amounts of money to prevent laundering and fraud.

If it all sounds confusing, here’s how you simplify it: If you win money playing blackjack or any other game at a casino, report it on your taxes. The good news is that you can usually report your losses as well, which can help you get a rebate.


What Does Spot Trading Mean in the Cryptocurrency World?

Cryptocurrency has gained significant popularity in the investment market since recent times. The people, especially the youth, are following and gaining profits through Cryptocurrency. It is a virtual and digital currency that is secured through cryptography. Also, Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge etc are some of the cryptocurrencies.

Spot trading is a crucial aspect in the cryptocurrency world. Let’s follow and figure out in detail what does spot trading actually mean and do? You can also go to the url to understand the market and invest accordingly.

Spot Trading is a kind of transaction that particularly focuses on the buying and selling of the foreign currency or product for instant delivery on the specified spot date or time. In Cryptocurrency, Spot Trading is a regular process of buying and selling coins at a spot price for instant settlement.

The investor or the trader uses spot trading to gain significant profits from market variations in Cryptocurrency. This trading method is used to make huge profits through several small trades in less time. The investor is not required to hold the coin for a longer time period. Hence, Spot trading is one of the sought after options available for the traders to make daily profits.

Spot Trading in Cryptocurrency:

Spot trading is very popular in the Cryptocurrency world and crypto gives a wide range of platforms to sell the coin wherever the traders want to. The coins having high liquidity generally have a high trading volume on famous exchanges. However, it is crucial to be aware about the patterns and various techniques used by the spot trader to avoid losses. Taking calculated risks is very evident in Spot trading.

Spot Market:

In cryptocurrency, there are stock markets to perform Spot Trading. A Stock Market is a platform where the traders can do real life trades with other traders. This platform is available on exchanges of trades or coins. In a proper chronology, the transactions are made and settled by the traders. However, if you are a buyer, you can do trading in various currencies by making different pairs like BTC, BNB etc.

The stock market consists of three major components and those are: seller, buyer and an order book. Some trades include only the buyer and the seller whereas some include brokers or the third party.

Example of Spot Trading:

Knowing an example of Spot Trading will help you to have a more clear picture in your head and perform your trades more efficiently.

Suppose you purchase a coin at a specific spot price with a view that it will provide with tremendous benefit in the upcoming benefits. So, if the coin price increases, you will definitely make profits whereas if it decreases, you will bear the loss. This sums up what spot trading is.

Christmas Travel: The World’s Most Magical Destinations

Finding new destinations to visit for the Christmas holidays has become much easier as the world has become smaller on the internet. Depending on what your pleasure is, you can visit picturesque, quaint little towns that observe Christmas traditions of old or other places that have a modern twist to how they celebrate. Some other places have their own traditions as well that are not necessarily religious, and they too, bring a unique and wholesome take to Christmas.

While you are deciding which route you’re going to be taking, here’s a reminder of Christmas season beverages you can enjoy and whose ingredients the has plenty of. If you are traveling solo but leaving others at home, find some rib eye, ham, or turkey from Fresh City Farms that they can incorporate into their Christmas menu to make it that much more special. ‘Tis the season and we’re here for it!

Below, we are going to let you in on some of the most beautiful places you can visit over the Christmas holidays. Snow? Sun? Beach? Mountains? We’ve got you!

  • Rovaniemi, Finland

This is dubbed the home of Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, so why not spend the holiday with the man himself in his native land? There you will find a post office where letters from all over the world are sent to him and also some reindeer, huskies leading sleds or you could become an elf and help decorate some trees. This place is beautiful, its beauty amplified by the fact that Santa himself is present in his signature suit. There are some glass igloos you could live in over your stay there and the snow makes the whole experience that much sweeter! A perfect place for believers of Santa combined with a town living and breathing Christmas in the snow.

  • Paris, France

If you want to combine romance and Christmas – Paris is where you want to go! What is better than a romantic Christmas getaway to start a new tradition for you and your partner? You will have your shopping needs met as the city is littered with high-end stores all decorated accordingly, along with all the eateries and other artisan stores. Paris oozes romance without trying at all, now combine that with Christmas and you have a winning formula! The town is decorated with twinkling Christmas lights, stained glass domes, and a wonderfully festive Christmas mood – definitely a top choice for a romantic Christmas!

  • Coron, Philippines

If you want to have a warm Christmas with beautiful, clear water and tropical scenes, we recommend Coron in the Philippines – an absolutely stunning place! Not only is it exquisite, but it is also quite affordable even during the Christmas period. Once there, you can drink in the island’s Insta-worthy sight, island-hop to other islands and hike to the top of the hill to view the city from an amazing height.

Simple Ways To Start a Beverage Company

So you’ve got a concept for a delectable fresh drink. You’ve chatted with your pals, and they all agree that this would be amazing when your beverage was made into a real product since they’re confident that your sparkling mixture might fly off shop racks. We’ve had some great information for you.
The initial, as well as the most critical step toward starting your own beverages firm, is to come up with a brilliant concept for a unique product. Now begins the difficult part: creating the trademark. This is really a very time-consuming procedure with many moving elements. Funding, composition, substance supply, packaging design, circulation, and other factors must all be considered.

7 simple ways to build the Beverage brand

Due to the intriguing obstacles of the soft drink industry, you cannot establish one just like you may other sorts of enterprises. Then, you’ll be in debt faster. Now, let’s have a look at the full business strategy with 7 ways to understand how to start a beverage company:

1 – Choose Who Will Drink the Beverage

Before you dare to consider investing cash upon a drink, you must first determine who the soft drink is intended for. Why? Since there are several sorts of refreshments and various reasons why individuals purchase liquids within every category. To put it another way, you can’t manufacture a sports drink for somebody who needs some assistance to sleep.

Red Bull seems to be the finest example. They exclusively distribute one drink, and it is aimed squarely at the action sports industry. In fact, that adventure sports industry plus Red Bull become pretty much identical at this moment. The objective here seems to be not to simply enter a big industry. Although Red Bull begins with smaller niches such as speed racing. So, who really are you assisting? Fitness people? Vegetarian? Teenagers? Boozers? The shorter the size, the better.

2 – Establish Your Fizzy Drink Company’s Unique Selling Proposition

You can’t only focus on who you’re providing. Since the beverage sector is so aggressive, possibilities are the area you choose will be overly competitive as well. You really need a unique selling point (USP) to discover blue water within the group you selected. This USP should ideally be an essential element. Assume you’re aiming for serious athletes who would like to recover quicker. There are several types of healing. There are recovery periods before a workout, during the workout, as well as after workouts. There is also some sleep to consider. You may also assist in fixing nutritional inadequacies. And that doesn’t include components or other unique qualities.

So you have to think about how you will be the first product of its sort for the customer you’ve chosen. No, this doesn’t have to be an amazing, game-changing idea. It only requires developing a modest but meaningful impact.

3 – Identify the Mathematics beneath Your Success

This is not a cheap sector to enter, however, one among the challenges is the minimal manufacturing numbers. You can create a manufacturing recipe, obtain a trademark and marketing, and then try to generate funds to spend for a manufacturing cycle; but, raising funds around a simple idea is very impossible.

It is critical to establish a precise cash plan for your firm if you seem to be self-funding or seeking investment. With many items, you may begin with an MVP; however, this does not function in the beverages industry. The flavor, the title, the marketing, the circulation, the trials, the purchaser demonstration package – all of this must be perfect from the start. And that needs financial resources.

4 – Recipe creation

Only because you prepared your cocktail in the home doesn’t imply this can be duplicated perfectly in a large-scale production setting. It’s a very unique area, and also the recipe must be faultless. As a result, you will undoubtedly want professional assistance. Any bottle manufacturing company, such as will need a precise formula. You’ll also need all of the nutrient content for putting on the container. Not all substances may be utilized in beverages because this is regulated by law, therefore you must ensure that all of your components are permitted.

Everything You Need to Know About Gambling Regulations in Sweden

In Sweden, betting for money is legal, however, some regulations must be obeyed. These regulations, which are known as the gambling act, became functional on January 1, 2019.

According to the act, any wagering done in Sweden without a license is illegal and cannot be promoted. Interestingly, laws regulating gambling in Sweden are:

  • Swedish Gambling Act (2018:1138).
  • Swedish Gambling Tax Act (2018:1139).
  • Gambling Ordinance (2018:1467).
  • Regulations on fees for supervisory actions (LIFS 2019:3).
  • Regulations and general advice on bingo for good causes (LIFS 2019:1).
  • Regulations on license applications and permit applications for the possession of gambling machines (SIFS 2022:1).
  • Regulations and general advice on responsible gambling (LIFS 2018:2).
  • Regulations regarding exceptions from the requirement on registration (LIFS 2018:3).
  • Regulations and general advice on commercial gambling and betting (LIFS 2018:5).
  • Regulations and general advice on land-based commercial gambling (LIFS 2018:6).
  • Regulations and general advice on gambling on ships in international traffic (LIFS 2018:7).
  • Regulations and general advice on gambling at casinos and token gambling machines (LIFS 2018:9).
  • Regulations on license applications (LIFS 2018:1)

Types of Gambling Licenses in Sweden

Before you can become a legal gambling operator in Sweden, you must apply for a license and receive one. However, there are six different gaming licenses available in Sweden. You can apply for one or more depending on the type of betting service you want to provide in the country. Listed below are the six types of Swedish gambling licenses.

State Monopoly License: This is the authority you should apply for if you want to operate a brick-and-mortar casino. In addition to offline betting, this license also covers different kinds of land-based lotteries.

Land-based Commercial Gambling License: To obtain this permit, you must be a restaurant or hotel owner with permission to sell alcohol. This authorization covers certain casino games, lotteries, and slot machines.

Betting License: This Swedish gambling authorization covers all online and offline betting. Types of events that can be betted on include horse racing and live games. However, participants must be above the legal age of gambling in Sweden, which is 18. In addition, you shouldn’t allow betting on events that are illegal or inappropriate. If you meet these requirements, the license will be awarded to you.

Commercial Online Gambling License: You need this authorization to operate an online casino that offers table games and computer-based betting. Interestingly, you can be granted this authorization even as a private operator immediately if you meet the requirements.

Charities/Good Causes License: You can organize land-based lotteries, bingo, and sports bets to use the proceeds to fund a charity or good cause. However, you need a permit for charities or good causes to do this. In some cases, all you have to do is register with the local authorities to obtain permission.

Betting on Ships in International Traffic License: Before you can offer betting machines like slots and other casino games on a ship making an international trip, you need to procure this permit.

How Huddle Rooms Can Benefit Your Workspace?

The millennials, also called Gen Z, are slowly beginning to dominate the workspace these days. They are revolutionizing the way we treat an office by changing work styles and instituting some progressive concepts that people are usually unaware of. This generation is focused on taking care of oneself by focusing on one’s relationship with themselves and the people around instead of soaking in work.

That’s why the importance of huddle rooms in an office has transformed. These small rooms are designed for ad-hoc collaboration, reflecting the values of the modern-day corporate culture. They are usually equipped with audio and video capabilities for quick chats, unplanned working sessions, and small-scheduled meetings.

Since the role of these small rooms in office culture is gaining a lot of importance, let’s learn about their benefits in detail.

1. Perfect for Quick Discussions

Huddle rooms are the best option for quick meetings and discussions that cannot be decided beforehand. In an office culture, there are certain instances where impromptu calls or chats have to be carried out with colleagues. Here, the staff can collaborate smoothly by using wireless presentations systems and sharing your laptop or mobile phone content.

2. Optimizing the Unused Space

Is there any room in your office that no one uses for anything in particular? If yes, you can transform it into a huddle room by obtaining the right furniture, setting the ambiance, investing in the display, and improving the aesthetics. According to Hudd, one of the best things about huddle rooms is that you can set them up in any small space and utilize the typically forgotten rooms efficiently.

3. Best Solution for a Tight Budget

tilizing the unused spaces in an office is the best thing you can do if you have a tight budget. It is a cost-efficient option because huddle rooms don’t require much investment. It is usually a small space, so there’s not much investment besides a table, huddle room configurator, and a few chairs. These benefits make huddle rooms accessible to both small and large-sized offices.

If you’re a startup, creating a huddle room will provide you with the perfect low-budget plan and help you save a lot of money by developing similar value as conference rooms.

4. Requires No Prior Reservation

As already stated, the primary reason why employees prefer discussing in huddle rooms is that these spaces don’t require any prior reservation. You can have impromptu meetings or chats here without stopping yourself from what you’re doing to schedule appointments. Employees usually hate the part of scheduling because it consumes a lot of time, and there’s no surety that you’d get a reservation in the bigger rooms.

Since conference rooms are usually fully booked, you might be wasting your time queuing for them. Instead, you can use huddle rooms for small meetings and increase the turnover.

Top Side Hustles For College Students To Make Fast Money

After a long day of lectures or a late night of studying, the last thing most college students want to do is work even harder. However, the school may be costly, and the majority of students incur significant debt in order to obtain their diplomas.

We have some good news: There’s never been a better time to find easy methods to make money in college, whether you’re pressed for funds to cover tuition and rent or want some spending money for food and fun. Some opportunities are traditional, while others are cutting-edge. Here are some ideas for earning money while in college.

1. Make Use of Your Expertise to Assist Other Students

You most likely possess abilities that many people lack. For example, if you excel at creating presentations or providing visual arts, you might be able to earn money by assisting other students with term papers and projects. If you know your way around a computer, you could be able to teach or fix it for other students.

Advertise your services in the student newspaper, on the school’s website, or on Facebook. You can also use your own social media to promote your services. If you start obtaining referrals from existing customers, you’ll be able to keep your bank account stocked throughout your school years.

2. Create Your Own Blog

Is there a topic or a story you’d want to tell that you’re passionate about? You can create your own blog and make a living off of your ideas. This is one of the most difficult ways to make money on this list, but it can also be one of the most gratifying. You can not only make money blogging but a successful blog may also be sold for a large sum of money in the future. Many others have made a career out of blogging.

One of the best things about blogging is that you can find blogs on almost any subject. Cooking, travel, photography, technology, exercise, nutrition, and the list goes on. If you’re a finance major, the finance blog can be an excellent place to apply some of what you’ve learned. You don’t have to be an expert to participate; all you need is a unique viewpoint and a great narrative to tell.

3. Day Trade Cryptocurrency

One could argue that trading and investing are interchangeable terms. However, time horizons distinguish them to some extent—traders are seeking for a rapid return, whereas investors may only make a few modifications to their portfolios per year.

Nonetheless, day trading, like stocks and other instruments, can be a viable source of income. In order to make a quick profit, day traders buy and sell assets on the same day. This is a dangerous tactic because it’s difficult to predict how bitcoin values will change.

However, you can buy and sell crypto on a daily basis through an online brokerage platform to profit from price fluctuations and end up with more money than you started with.

4. Make YouTube videos

If you’re a college student, you’re probably aware that tens of thousands of individuals make money by recording YouTube videos. Some people have even gone on to become YouTube celebrities, earning millions of dollars.

Similarly to writing, there are no limits to what you can do with YouTube videos. You can make videos about serious subjects such as finance, fitness, automobiles, and relationships. You can also create material that is more humorous, such as video games, food, music, hobbies, or social commentary.

Dos and Don’ts of Investing in Cryptocurrency Stocks

Cryptocurrency is on fire right now, and many investors are hoping to profit from its meteoric ascent. Bitcoin and other well-known cryptos have recovered, as have other popular digital currencies. For years, seasoned traders have been speculating on cryptocurrency, but what if you’re new to the market and want to get in on the action?

Obtaining information on the best cryptocurrency to invest in as well as other crypto advice can assist you in making sensible investment decisions. If you’ve never invested in a cryptocurrency before, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. If you’re new to cryptocurrencies and are still learning the ropes, these key cryptocurrency investing tips might help you get started.

Dos of Investing in Cryptocurrency

  • Before you invest, learn as much as you can about crypto.

Conduct extensive research on the digital asset you wish to purchase before making a purchase. “Don’t invest in something you don’t understand,” as the old investment saying goes.

It’s critical to understand how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work, as well as the differences between the most common digital assets. That way, you’ll know what each coin and token you’re thinking about buying is worth right now and in the future.

  • Use only recognized exchanges.

Digital assets can be acquired in a variety of ways. It’s critical to only interact on reliable, safe platforms once you’ve decided the assets you want to buy and wish to use an online exchange. Hundreds of bitcoin and altcoin exchanges exist, but only a few are regulated. The bulk of exchanges is opaque in terms of how they work, how well they are funded, and how they address cybersecurity.

Dealing on small, offshore exchanges with limited regulatory control might result in a sudden loss of funds as a result of an operational error, an exchange hack, or an exit scam. All of these things have unfortunately happened in the past, making a strong case for only trading on trusted platforms. Even those, though, may be compromised. For making an account on reputable trading software.

When it comes to crypto investing, it’s critical to have a well-balanced portfolio that includes both volatile coins like Bitcoin and Dash, as well as stable coins like Tether. This will not only shield your portfolio against systematic or idiosyncratic risks, but it will also provide some stability in a volatile market. Stablecoins have a fixed value in relation to the underlying asset, such as the US dollar or gold, unlike volatile coins, which can gain or decline by double digits in a single day.

Some investors want to take advantage of the higher profits offered by volatile coins while hedging their bets with stablecoins to invest for the long term with lesser risk.

Tips for Starting a Bitcoin ATM Business

As the interest in cryptocurrencies grows, starting a bitcoin ATM business as a side hustle is becoming more common. More people are looking for methods to participate in this relatively young sector, and the bitcoin ATM business is one of several options.

Investors are treating the bitcoin ATM business with a little more professionalism than they would a traditional cash ATM at their business. This illustrates why going into the bitcoin ATM business requires extensive planning. You must become acquainted with cryptocurrencies as a whole, as well as their fundamentals and significant features. You should also familiarize yourself with local regulations and enlist the help of a financial partner.

Another set of critical measures you must take is to find a suitable location for your Bitcoin ATM business and to register with any cryptocurrency exchanges. Other issues should be investigated, such as maintenance, logistics, arranging cryptocurrency/cash, customer assistance, and so on.

Here are some pointers to consider if you want to launch a bitcoin ATM business.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs, commonly known as BTMs, are devices that allow you to purchase and sell bitcoin. Some BTMs are only available for purchase, while others are available for both purchase and sale. The principle is straightforward and similar to that of a typical bank ATM; however, instead of depositing cash and having it go to your bank account, you deposit cash and buy Bitcoin. “Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal business,” says the founder of the Swedish pirate party.

Bitcoin ATMs use the internet to connect directly to your digital wallet or Bitcoin exchanges. Because each machine is linked to the internet, the rates you see while buying or selling are the most up-to-date on the blockchain.

Buy Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATM devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some only accept cash, while others accept debit cards. Simpler machines are buy-only, whereas more complicated machines allow for both purchasing and selling of cryptocurrencies. Some machines only support a limited number of cryptocurrencies, while others support a larger number.

Certain machines include functionality such as ID document scanners and fingerprint integration that are not available on other devices. The machine you select is determined by the services you wish to provide to your consumers. There are more than 600 BTM manufacturers to select from today.

Typical Reasons for Deferred Maintenance

Facilities can be expensive to maintain and run. Although this shouldn’t be an unpleasant surprise, the dirty little secret to maintaining facilities is that typically there’s not enough money to cover all the repairs and maintenance that occur during a particular year. Maintenance tasks that cannot be accomplished are referred to as “deferred maintenance.”

Deferred maintenance is a significant issue that every facility team faces regardless of industry and the number of buildings to manage or budgets they’re working with. While the maintenance may not be completed by today, it doesn’t mean it’s put under the carpet. Deferred maintenance needs a specific plan and a proper strategy to ensure it does not cause major problems. When it’s done correctly, customers, guests, and customers are entirely unaware of the maintenance volume that a building could be undergoing.

Let’s begin by discussing the deferred maintenance definition. Read more here

What Is Delayed Maintenance?

Also known by the name of backlog or demand deferred maintenance is an unplanned or planned maintenance that has been put off. It could be because of various reasons; however, the most frequent is usually due to insufficient funds. This is why maintenance projects are delayed until the next budget cycle and the backlog of maintenance projects increases.

There are various elements that impact the backlog of maintenance for a business, including overdue maintenance tasks. The backlog is composed of work that has not been completed by the date of its intended start. It could be due to a lack of required parts or a shortage of qualified professionals to finish the job. The event of putting off maintenance regularly could create a backlog that grows exponentially. The initial flurry of neglected tasks can soon turn into an effect of snowballs. A huge backlog of work indicates a proactive maintenance plan that is likely equipment failure.

Deferred maintenance increases in scope and expense the longer it’s delayed. “the likelihood of incurring greater costs only increases with each instance of deferred maintenance,” this is particularly relevant to facilities. As repairs are put off regardless of the reason, be it budget cuts or other reasons, facilities are neglected and become worse over time.

The Role of Planning Maintenance

Maintenance planning aims to determine and complete maintenance tasks that will maximize the availability of equipment and minimize disruptions and costs to the business. Knowing what tasks must be completed and when allows the inventory of the necessary parts and supplies according to the requirements reduces storage and inventory costs. A well-planned plan also allows for the training program, equipment, and the ability to complete the task effectively. It also gives the capability to keep the team on the same schedule to accommodate maintenance.

Many companies depend on the machines that produce their products; it’s the responsibility of maintenance planners to ensure that the equipment in manufacturing and industrial settings is operating efficiently. Maintenance planners generally develop maintenance schedules, manage parts inventory, and work closely with maintenance personnel contractors, outside vendors, and contractors.

The maintenance planner’s roles and responsibilities include enhancing workers’ productivity and improving the quality of work by anticipating and avoiding potential delays by planning and coordinating work, materials and components, and access to equipment. It requires a trained and experienced maintenance planner who meticulously plans and schedules tasks to ensure the reliability of equipment that was designed for. Job plans created through the maintenance planner are designed to increase or prolong the lifespan of the equipment, thus facilitating the reduction of the cost of maintenance and increasing the production of the product.

As a subordinate of the maintenance manager and acting as a contact to operations and maintenance, the maintenance planner is accountable for planning, scheduling, and coordinating all planned maintenance activities within the facility. Under the supervision of the maintenance manager, the planner is responsible for maintaining the records and files necessary for practical analysis and reporting on maintenance-related concerns.

Are Apple Watch Steel Bands Any Good?

All of us who own a smartwatch take care of its performance but also design. So it’s no surprise that we can find a bunch of different accessories for our Android and Apple watches. The Apple Watch is considered not only technologically superior – but its accessories like bands are also important because they speak to our style. Have you ever wondered what kind of Apple band you will opt for and whether steel bands are any good? We will try to answer you.

Smart Watch Requires Wisely Chosen Accessories

With the arrival of smartwatches on the market, many things in our lives have changed for the better. It is one small device that can give you a lot – and it’s something you’d like to have. Although many think that Android and Apple watches are more or less the same thing – the differences are big. Some people were suspicious of the Apple Watch until it fell into their hands. Namely, most people are more inclined to believe that all smartwatches are equal in their usefulness. In general, everything is the same. However, whether you will use the full potential of the gadget depends on what and what quality of functionality this gadget offers. Of course, when choosing, we always look at performance the most, but we must not neglect the design either. We’ll look at one item that many users sometimes don’t even care about – and that’s the band for your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Stainless Steel Bands

A smartwatch, like a smartphone, tablet, or computer – is a device that provides access to services. We must say that the Apple Watch handles this most important task one hundred percent. Therefore, it is not surprising that this gadget has become one of the main things that distinguish people from careers and successful entrepreneurs from others. This watch in its package offers you almost everything you need – from calls, emails, to numerous applications that are constantly available to you wherever you are. However, as with regular watches, the bracelet is of great importance – because it reflects your lifestyle and follows your complete image. Therefore, it is not surprising that Apple Watch bands are sometimes made of precious metals. You can find them made of silver and even gold – although that may be a bit exaggerated. For most Apple Watch users who want to leave an impression of style and elegance – stainless steel will be more than a good option.

What Do You Need To Know When Choosing A Stainless Steel Band For Your Apple Watch?

When it comes to Apple Watch bands, today we have a large choice. Moreover, you can take several of them and change them according to the place or an activity. However, everyone agrees on one thing – and that is that stainless steel bands do not go out of fashion. When choosing a stainless steel Apple watch band, you need to pay attention to certain things that may be important, so visit here for more details.