Christmas Travel: The World’s Most Magical Destinations

Finding new destinations to visit for the Christmas holidays has become much easier as the world has become smaller on the internet. Depending on what your pleasure is, you can visit picturesque, quaint little towns that observe Christmas traditions of old or other places that have a modern twist to how they celebrate. Some other places have their own traditions as well that are not necessarily religious, and they too, bring a unique and wholesome take to Christmas.

While you are deciding which route you’re going to be taking, here’s a reminder of Christmas season beverages you can enjoy and whose ingredients the has plenty of. If you are traveling solo but leaving others at home, find some rib eye, ham, or turkey from Fresh City Farms that they can incorporate into their Christmas menu to make it that much more special. ‘Tis the season and we’re here for it!

Below, we are going to let you in on some of the most beautiful places you can visit over the Christmas holidays. Snow? Sun? Beach? Mountains? We’ve got you!

  • Rovaniemi, Finland

This is dubbed the home of Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, so why not spend the holiday with the man himself in his native land? There you will find a post office where letters from all over the world are sent to him and also some reindeer, huskies leading sleds or you could become an elf and help decorate some trees. This place is beautiful, its beauty amplified by the fact that Santa himself is present in his signature suit. There are some glass igloos you could live in over your stay there and the snow makes the whole experience that much sweeter! A perfect place for believers of Santa combined with a town living and breathing Christmas in the snow.

  • Paris, France

If you want to combine romance and Christmas – Paris is where you want to go! What is better than a romantic Christmas getaway to start a new tradition for you and your partner? You will have your shopping needs met as the city is littered with high-end stores all decorated accordingly, along with all the eateries and other artisan stores. Paris oozes romance without trying at all, now combine that with Christmas and you have a winning formula! The town is decorated with twinkling Christmas lights, stained glass domes, and a wonderfully festive Christmas mood – definitely a top choice for a romantic Christmas!

  • Coron, Philippines

If you want to have a warm Christmas with beautiful, clear water and tropical scenes, we recommend Coron in the Philippines – an absolutely stunning place! Not only is it exquisite, but it is also quite affordable even during the Christmas period. Once there, you can drink in the island’s Insta-worthy sight, island-hop to other islands and hike to the top of the hill to view the city from an amazing height.

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