Proceed from the physical radical treatment acne

Acne is actually the body’s phlegm, with the blood flow in the whole body, because there is no detoxification Head of exports, had no choice but to arch from the skin out, in the face of the formation of acne.

Treatment acne have two magic weapons, a healthy spleen and stomach, to eliminate the source of phlegm, two to get through the meridians to Shiduqing to a way out.

There are a lot of handsome boy and pretty girl grow acne. This little flaw in the quest for a perfect life to bring the endless troubles. Originally, a pretty face, but due to face acne psychological a result of low self-esteem of people everywhere. In fact, if we get a clear understanding of the nature of the acne, then they would like a flash in the pan, not with us for too long. Learn more about facial rejuvenation center nashville

Acne is actually your body’s excretion of toxins exceeds the capacity of this body had no choice but to arrange skin detoxification channels plus some classes, that is, the toxin temporarily transported to the accumulation of certain parts of the skin. Acne caused by two reasons, first, an overall decline in physical fitness, detoxification, detoxification organ function, such as liver, kidney weakness, the body’s overall transport capacity garbage overwhelmed; the second is lack of strict import control body, to enter the the body’s garbage, too many toxins.

The root cause of skin splash

As a woman, and hope that their yonger for ever, often unknowingly left suddenly. In particular after the 30-year-old woman, as the skin metabolic function, and the skin surface on the accumulation of dead cells, skin problems will become stain, dark light. In fact, we can delay aging of the skin completely, so that long-term stain retire.

Skin is the growth of regular, normal 28-day cycle, every day, new skin cells, and the demise of the old cells, the demise of the cell is also known as the cell death, in addition to auto parts fell off outside Most of the accumulation in the outermost layer of skin, a long-term commitment, so that the skin becomes very thick skin and very rough. If we do not clean up in a timely manner, and melanoma spots and wrinkles will take advantage of Health, the chlorosis face, often in bold with the stain, wrinkle is a pair of twins. Therefore, the skin of the day-to-day maintenance and care has become particularly important. We talked about the skin, should first find out the facial skin color: the color of the skin by four Biotin: melanin (brown), the oxidation of hemoglobin (red), the reduction of hemoglobin (blue) and carotenoids (Yellow). The first three are endogenous pigment, the latter for exogenous pigment. However, experts believe that white skin can not maintain long-term or by external factors and internal factors.


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