Scam Casino Malaysia

Scam Casino Malaysia is simply winding up the scam merchants who infest the internet, by means of wasting their time. If you want to scam bait, don’t give them any details about yourself whatsoever. Just pretend.
There are quite a few scam gambling establishments online. 1 day I might set these scam baiter guys and gals onto them. Should be fun wasting the rogues time, rather than the rogue casinos and sportsbooks wasting online gamblers time.
Online gamblers have to research a casino or sportsbook, to make sure the firm is honest. A real waste of the punters time. The Scam Baiters turn the table on the scammers somewhat.
I have never “scam baited”, I have other ways of making myself heard. Nonetheless, I always like to see the tables turned on the bad guys once in a while.
Cricket’s Coming Home Song – Free Download
You got the 4-1 Betting Odds On England To Win The Ashes here at gamblog. Now there is the spinoff of the football song, “football’s coming home” aptly titled “cricket’s coming home” for you to judge upon.
Fot the Free “Cricket Is Coming Home” Download, click the download link at the top of this post, then click the cricket is coming home banner on the page that opens, for the free download.
PartyPoker Went Public When Going Was Good?
The shares dropped by a third 1 month after float. Was online poker ever a good bet?
When you know as I do, the general history of PartyPoker, then you will know they are not to be trusted without a second look.
Iglobalmedia is partygaming – is partypoker.
Iglobalmedia ran rigged software via the now infamous planetluck casino and others until they got caught, where you could play rigged roulette and even visit them at a conference to see iglobalmedia’s antics up close
Not to mention the Spyware and the partypoker mass spamming campaigns.
Poker A Good Bet? If you know your gambling industry history even slightly, you know not with anywhere in the vacinity. They will always, fuguratively speaking, have an ace up their sleeve.
Gambling Adverts On Your Car will become more common in the years to come. Taxi’s are the most commonly seen vehicles to carry banners for online gambling establishments.
I think it is a good idea. There certainly are a lot of cars on the roads. That adds up to a lot of advertising space, currently unused.
Poker Mouse Mats that come complete with some poker chips for you to flick about while playing online poker. Online poker players never had it so good.
Poker Mouse Mat Price
♠ Mouse Mat or “poker pad” = $24.99
♠ Poker Chips = $5.99 EACH
♠ 1 poker mouse mat, 10 poker chips = Total $84.89
Gamblog Comment >> To be see to be believed, especially for $84.89 per mouse mat and poker chips.
A gambling link of my choice, few online will be aware of is Casino Mail – which is simply a bunch of deals sent to you every week from various casinos. Easy does it, no spam, simple.

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