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Cool new product that “gives the user the sensation of playing at a live table while sitting comfortably in their own homes”. I think it’s a great idea, although it’s a terrible oversight that you can’t order it with your favourite slot online room’s logo on it. I’d love a Bellagio or Bicycle Club version, but one that says “Poker Padz” on it is less than attractive. Link

On his HBO show, he said, “I hold in my hand the New York Times, and in the sports section, their new regular column on poker. … Now at the risk of alienating degenerates from coast to coast, I must say I find it hard to get worked up over a sport that boasts all the pageantry and magic of Saturday night at my Uncle Murray’s basement. …

The US Collegiate Poker League is producing this school vs. school battle that begins November 12th. Full Tilt Poker will host the first two elimination rounds online. The National Nine finalists will then be whisked away for a final showdown live in Las Vegas! The event will be taped for national television for broadcast in the spring.

The film follows the story of a serial killer in Rome who challenges city police to games of online video poker, games that will ultimately decide the fate of each of the killer’s female abductees. For each game police lose, the killer severs a part of the victim’s body. Going according to a sort of “three strikes, you’re out”� rule, after police have lost three times, the girl dies.

The STPT will travel across the United States, putting on a series of charity tournaments, in an attempt to find America’s number one amateur poker player. Tournament Director Matt Savage will oversee, and the tournaments will be filmed for T.V. Only the finals will be filmed in a casino. The rest of the action will offer a peak into the world of amateur and charity poker outside of the casino environment.

There’s a good thread over at 2+2 about the mouse alternatives hard-core multi-table tournament players use to avoid arm strain. It can sure take its toll, playing 6 tables at a time for 12 hours a day 🙂 It includes some pretty hard-core keyboard macro codes and all kinds of ergonomic poker advice. Link (via PokerFilter)

If you are a typical “post-beginner” no-limit player and trying to get better, I have one piece of advice that should improve your game: stop playing Ax. Literally. Don’t play ace-ten or lower, under any circumstances. In a typical loose-aggressive home game, you will have difficulty making money with this hand and you are much better off tossing Ax every time and waiting for better hands. The most consistent losing play I see from players who are still climbing the NLH learning curve is playing Ax incorrectly, typically calling with top pair against a better kicker or bluffing at raggedy boards with it. At the least, I’d recommend you really analyze your Ax hands and figure out why you are losing with them.

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