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How do I best prepare my business cards for printing on coffee mugs?


The easiest way to prepare your business cards for printing on ceramic coffee mugs and cups is to scan them on your flatbed scanner with a resolution of at least 300 dpi’s (dots per inch) and in the dimensions as they’re to appear on the finished coffee mug. (See: Details on Scanning.)

Make sure that your business cards do not have any blemishes nor other “impurities” and should, preferable be on a white background as otherwise the background will also be printed on the mug.

Our mug prices include a decoration on one side of the mug and the max. area that can be decorated at this price is: 3″ x 3″.

Should your card be larger – but never taller than 3″ – then a small surcharge is applied. (See our Price List.)

Please note that for every coffee mug with a different business card on it we have to charge our single-mug price. However, differently decorated coffee mugs sent to the same shipping address can be lumped together for the S&H; price break indicated for the total quantity of mugs shipped to one and the same address. For individual mug shipments, our individual S&H; rate applies.

Should you have several different business cards for different mugs you could scan then all onto one page. However this is not the ideal solution and it is much better to scan them individually into one file/directory on your hard drive (giving each scanned business card a new file name such as, for example: card01.tif, card02.tif, etc.) and then compress this directory into one file with a compressor such as WinZip.

The resulting file can then easily be attached to an e-mail and be send to us. The preferred file format for business cards is .tif and it has to be in the PC format as we’re totally PC based. Please remember that we’ll reproduce your business cards AS IS so it’s to your advantage to have a clean and clear scan and the card is in the dimensions as you would like them to appear on your coffee mugs.

We cannot reproduce business cards that are send to us with a resolution of less than 300 dpi’s. Since our sublimation decorating process permits us to decorate our coffee mugs in full color, all 2023 Calendars on your business cards will be reproduced on the mugs – as well as all blemishes and similar impurities and badly printed letters.

To obtain the best possible lettering for business cards on coffee mugs, it is advisable that all lettering be typeset in a computer program (and not be obtained from a scan as the logo, if any, can).

Do you have an address that I could send a business card to,so I can have coffee mugs made?I cant send them anyother way.

Our address can easily be found in our web site by using the link labeled: