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game289Gauntlet VI Game 11 Summary


Flop Turn River’s Gauntlet ran this Sunday on 11/4 for game 11. If you are not sure what the Gauntlet is, be sure to click on the word “Gauntlet” to find out and register. Basically, it is game289 own private league where we donk around and have fun. You will see in a lot of the hand histories there is some bashing/talking, and that’s because we all know each other and have a good time. If you haven’t already, register and play with us next game. After reading the summary, make sure to see who won this games award for “lol cooleraments” which will be the cooler of the night, “wtf was he thinking” which will be the questionable play of the night, along with “donk of the night” which will be the worst beat.

It was the battle of the unbeaten on Sunday the 4th. Not in the gauntlet, but in the NFL. Yes the Colts/Patriots game was at the same time as the Gauntlet, which I am assuming had a lot to do with the low turnout. It was the lowest attendance so far, with only 15 people showing up. Before we get to the tournament, let’s look at the top 10 before this event took place and the change in position from the prior week (if any):

FTR Name – GP – Points / Week Change

Jimmy Mac – 6 – 489.07 / 0

givememyleg – 7 – 403.64 / +1

Alexos – 7 – 374.32 / -1

bigred – 6 – 365.11 / 0

kmind – 5 – 362.11 / 0

ackthecat – 6 – 320.86 / 0

Bender50 – 5 – 279.26 / +5

badgers – 4 – 264.92 / -1

Shifubowa – 6 – 262.65 / -1

Mirage – 5 – 254.32 / -1

I know there is a total of 12 games everyone gets to play, but I already think it is over. As long as Jimmy Mac makes sure to play his final 6 games I don’t think anyone will be able to pass him. He is a complete animal this season, he has two wins, a second, and a 4th place finish out of 6 games. Very impressive. I (givememyleg) am in 2nd place, but am no where near Jimmy Mac because JM has an extra game and almost 90 points on me. Also notice Bender50′s big jump up with his 3rd place finish last week. Well, let’s get to the action.

With only 15 people playing, both tables started shorter than usual and quickly would become shorthanded. 5-6 handed play is much different than full ring and I think it awarded more experienced people. The action began with C2Knuckles playing absolutely crazy, raising and re-raising everywhere. Here is an example of his UTG raising range:

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to givememyleg [5h Kc]

kemikar said, “kill pot”

C2Knuckles said, “what a bully”

C2Knuckles: raises 50 to 70

Isopbc: folds

givememyleg: folds

Warpe: folds

kemikar: folds

DCMirage: folds

Anosmic: calls 60

fimanoid: folds

*** FLOP *** [Jc 7s 7d]

Anosmic: checks

C2Knuckles: bets 120

Anosmic: folds

C2Knuckles collected 160 from pot

C2Knuckles: shows [2s 7h] (three of a kind, Sevens)

givememyleg said, “lolz”

He sure does flop good! Speaking of aggressive, bigspenda73 (LolTrappedU on Stars) was being very active. In fact, he won the first 4/5 pots and quickly became the chip leader. Everyone was giving this guy waaaaaay too much respect (NITS!) and he wasn’t on my table, or else I would have started playing back much more liberally. 10 minutes in he already had over 2,000 chips without showing down any hand. Here is just an example of his dominating the table:

*** HOLE CARDS ***

efil4elbmow: folds

BeeJall: folds

losttrem: folds

Shifubowa: raises 60 to 80

LolTrappedU: calls 80

ackthecat: folds

Phew72: folds

*** FLOP *** [Kc 3c Ac]

Shifubowa: checks

LolTrappedU: bets 140

Shifubowa: folds

LolTrappedU collected 190 from pot

LolTrappedU: shows [8d 7d] (high card Ace)

Speaking of aggressive, the first casualty was someone I mentioned earlier, C2Knuckles. I think he had to go watch the NE/Indi game based on his table chat, and notice his raising amount gave away his hand (he previously re-raised to 666 with pocket 6s as well):


*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to givememyleg [Jd 8d]

Isopbc: raises 60 to 80

givememyleg: folds

Warpe: folds

kemikar: folds

DCMirage: folds

Anosmic: folds

fimanoid: folds

C2Knuckles: raises 697 to 777

C2Knuckles said, “i gotta go soon”

C2Knuckles said, “shove”

givememyleg said, “doooo it”