The Kicker or tiebreaker card in Online Casino Malaysia


What do we call the kicker in Online Casino Malaysia? The kicker is the tiebreaker card, it is the extra card that will help us to define which player wins the hand with the maximum value of it.

Of course, this card is not part of the winning combination of the hand we have, but it does define that our hand can be better or worse than that of the opponent in the event that we have tied, so it helps us to know who is going to win the pot. We must keep in mind at all times while we play the poker hand, that our kicker will or will not have enough strength to face us in the situations that suit us when it comes to betting and whether or not to continue in the game.

Knowing this, then we must think well before paying a re-raise from our opponent, if our hand once reaches the end, that is, the showdown, it may have a possible tie with the opponent and in case it occurs, value our kicker sufficiently to know if it is worth the risk or not when betting all or a large part of our stack. Well, it is not the same to win the hand with a kicker to A than to try to win it to J.

As a practical example, we can see it in a simple pair, let’s say that I receive AQ and the opponent A7, on the flop we get A-5-9 on the turn he gives us a 6 and on the river he gives us another 9. Once we have After betting what corresponds to each street, and putting the cards face up between the two players that have remained in the game, who would win the hand in this case? It’s simple, I would win it, since I have the highest kicker on the Q, that is, we both have two pair of AA-99, but I won the hand for the highest kicker, since Q is obviously worth more than 7.

When we are playing Texas Hold’em No Limit poker, it is very important that we always keep our kicker in mind.

free poker to learn

The advent of online poker has made learning to play poker much easier than ever before. Although some players insist on playing poker for money because free poker doesn’t allow you to develop a player’s skills, this is not true. Learning to play poker well is a process, an evolution, that requires persistence. Those who give up at the first bad results will never be good poker players. Learning to manage losses is also part of the process.

It is essential, to be a good poker player, to have the desire to improve. Simply playing for the sake of playing will not improve our strategy or skills. And getting better at the game is also fun, as well as satisfying. Of course, winning or losing money makes a big difference, but if we want to improve, we must not play for money. We must understand that we are playing to learn, not to get extra money.

Playing free poker we learn to read the betting patterns of our opponents, to control our emotions, to calculate probabilities, etc. If we can’t win at free poker, we can’t win when we play for real money either, simple as that. And even if we are not making money, we should work as if we are, because that will give us the measure of our knowledge and skills.

Of course, if we stay too long at those tables we won’t make any progress, because what we can learn is limited. But in all online poker rooms there are enough super low limit (micro limit) tables, where the pots are pennies, where we can continue our learning.

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