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Floor people are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can, on occasion, dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules be ignored in the interest of fairness. The new online casinos 2022 usa decision is final.

–Rule No. 1, 2004 Tournament Directors Association Rules

Tournament situation. Player A is all-in. Player B is the only one to call. They expose A-4 and A-9 (suit unimportant). The board comes


and the dealer declares a chop. Neither player protests and both start to take their bets back. Just as the dealer reaches for their hole cards and begins to sweep up the board, an alert railbird says, “That’s not a chop!” The dealer sweeps everything into the muck and straightens the deck as the railbird points out a second time that the hand should not have been chopped. Everyone stops and realizes that the hand shouldn’t have been chopped, and the floor is called over.

The dealer explains that a chop was called but he believes the call was in error. The floor asks the losing player “Did you deserve a chop?”, to which the losing player replies, “I don’t remember.” The dealer reconstructs the hand for the floor, and then the floor asks “When did you realize the chop was in error? After you had already mucked all the cards?” The dealer says yes.

You are the floor and need to make the call – does the chop stand, or should Player B win the hand?

New Feature

I’ve added a small self-pimp box in the upper right corner of my blog. Now, anyone who cares will know when my next long-form improv gig will be.

In case you’re too lazy to even look at the box, it will be next Monday, the 9th, at 6:30pm at the UCB Theater. Cost $5. Come watch me perform the Harold, the signature piece of long-form improv comedy. In fact, for that price, you will get to see -2- Harolds. Talk about value.

Developed by the late improv guru Del Close in Chicago, the Harold begins with a simple audience suggestion. In most cases, the Harold unfolds from there with some type of entertaining group opening to build ideas for the scenes that follow. 3 small, unrelated scenes, with 2 to 3 players each, then occur, followed by an unrelated group scene using all of the players. The three small scenes are revisited a second time, followed by another group scene, and then a third time, culminating the piece as the separate realities of each small scene begin to bleed into each other. A typical Harold runs about 25 minutes.

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